Toyota Sienna Cruise Control Problems

Toyota Sienna Cruise Control Problems
Toyota Sienna owners have reported 46 problems related to cruise control ( under the vehicle amphetamine operate class ). The most recently reported issues are listed below. besides please check out the statistics and dependability analysis of Toyota Sienna based on all problems reported for the Sienna.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2000 Toyota Sienna

yesterday afternoon, I was driving on a trailer truck busy road in tucson, arizona at about 40 miles per hour and the van abruptly began to accelerate. I immediately thought I had hit the cruise master release but the smash showed no indication that this was case. I repeatedly pushed the cruise control clitoris and jiggled the pry arm hop to toggle something off but it had no effect. I began to push the breaks but they were not capable of slowing the car below about 25. I threw the van into achromatic and the engine revved up to about 7000 revolutions per minute. That audio concerned me so I threw it back into gear and the vanguard began to accelerate again. I pushed the emergency breaks, and with my pedal point break fully compressed I could get the car to 5-10 miles per hour but there was absolutely no way to stop the van. After narrowly missing a pedestrian, I turned proper, found a place to pull off to the side of the road, threw the van into neutral and promptly turned the van off. With the engine turned off the breaks were equally effective as the should have been then the the avant-garde came to a stop. After a brief period I turned the key, started the van and, again, the locomotive again revved to 7000 revolutions per minute. I turned it off again. I pumped the accelerator several times before starting it again and it started up fine. I had the van towed after this and I ‘m not probably to drive it again.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2010 Toyota Sienna

The reach owns a 2010 Toyota Sienna. When the cruise dominance was activated, it would deactivate independently. In summation, the bumper detector detected objects that were not in front of the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to the trader, but the failure was unable to be diagnosed. The vehicle was not repaired. The bankruptcy mileage was 100,000.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2014 Toyota Sienna

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, my 2014 Toyota Sienna limited automatically braked with identical significant force while the cruise restraint was engaged at approximately 45 miles per hour. No vehicles or obstacles were ahead and I was driving on a straight and relatively degree street that has a 45 miles per hour speed limit. This trouble besides occurred many, many times in the first several months after purchasing this fomite new in April 2014. I reported this problem to molle Toyota, kansas city, missouri when it first happened and at the 5,000 and 10,000 services and they could find no problems with the adaptive cruise control condition organization. During the inaugural few months of possession I tried driving to the pepper tree Toyota franchise when the problem occurred and the franchise was outdoors but each time the problem stopped happening before I got to the franchise. The trouble normally happens “ out of the blue ” after I have been driving for a while. Once the trouble foremost occurs, it then happens over and over each time I reengage the cruise manipulate. Stopping the fomite and restarting the engine about always stops the problem from reoccuring. And as I indicated above, sometimes the problem will stop on its own without restarting the engine. I am submitting this complaint at this clock time after seeing in the news that there have been similar complaints on jeeps. The June 6 incident was besides much worse than previous incidents due to another car following very closely behind me when the Sienna brakes mechanically slammed on. I was besides concerned that the driver behind me might have thought that I had braked difficult on aim. I have been able to cope with this problem but my independent concern is with allowing others to drive the Sienna and that they may not be able to cursorily turn the cruise restraint off when the problem happens.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Toyota Sienna

On March 13, 2015 driving on I-95 south in a 2006 Toyota Sienna van the cruise control would not disengage when the brakes were applied approaching an die ramp. The vehicle would not slowdown in malice of pressing the brake pedal american samoa hard as potential. Moving the control lever fore to disengage the function was besides not successful. The exit ramp was inclined so the cruise dominance accelerated the engine in an attempt to maintain our speed at 70 miles per hour. The vehicle went thru a arrest sign, bounced off the guard rail and came to a sudden break with the engine not running. The affect destroyed the right side of the fomite and the fillet was sol abrupt that the cellular telephone phone ( in my shirt pocket ) flew out ripping the pocket off the shirt. Neither the front nor the side air out bags were deployed. Skid marks made by the vehicleยฟs right front bore ( and possibly the rear justly tire ) anterior to and after hitting the guard duty vilify indicate the brakes were working on at least this side. Skid marks attributable to the left hand tires were not noticed.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Toyota Sienna

On August 1st at approximately 10:11pm [ 144298 miles on the vehicle ] at the I-10east to I-75south interchange after merging onto I-75 south. Traveling on I-10 east from tallahassee to orlando using the cruise control which was set at 75mph according to the speedometer – in order to take the I-75 southbound ( tampa-orlando ) exit I applied the bracken to slow down and release the cruise control. Upon merging onto I-75 from the ramp I was traveling at about 55 to 60 miles per hour and went to select sum up on the cruise master. I removed my foot from the accelerator as I always do and let the cruise do the oeuvre. The vehicle accelerated as expected to 75 miles per hour – the plant point and stayed there for about 2 seconds ( farseeing adequate for me to notice the speedometer hesitate at 75mph and then the vehicle accelerated flying and hard again ( like full restrict ) and kept going in about 2 seconds I was now at 85 and hush accelerating ; I applied my brakes to release the cruise control condition and slow the vehicle – it released the cruise and I was able to slow down – I did not use the cruise control after that .


Cruise Control problem of the 2004 Toyota Sienna

I attempted to merge onto the expressway and after pushing the accelerator pedal the van on the spur of the moment accelerated beyond my control condition. I eased off the pedal and the van continued to serge ahead with no manner for me to stop or slow it down as the brakes would not work. I saw the revolutions per minute strive level 6 and speed addition to 70 in seconds but as it was the expressway, I was able to keep my distance from cars in front of me. I switched the pry to the inert military position and the vanguard slowed down and then I went back to drive and it roared back up to 70 miles per hour with the revolutions per minute again at 6 and I tried turning the cruise control on and then braking to see if it would shut down the boast but no fortune. I went back and forth from five hundred to n for about 2 minutes and then on one of the movements from n to d it shut down binding to normal. I dropped the van off at my Toyota principal the adjacent day and am waiting to see what “ headquarters “ decides.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

2005 Sienna was driven to a parking garage and parked for two hours. Upon returning to the Sienna and starting the engine, three lights came on ; crack engine, vsc, and trac off. Drove fomite home ( 150 miles ), the 3 lights remained on equally well as passing of cruise control and an intermittent compass display. Took vehicle in for inspection at a local anesthetic Toyota dealer and was told the skid control unit ecu needed to be replaced. I found out there are other complaints and a technical service bulletin on the 2005 Sienna vehicle constancy master ( besides called electronic stability dominance ) organization that has caused injuries. even more noteworthy, my 2005 Sienna has entirely 62k miles and in that clock time there has been 2 other incidences with the lapp symptoms. Why has there not been a recall if there are already injuries in the database ? ?.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2012 Toyota Sienna

While driving on an expressway with steep grades, with the cruise command set, the accelerate on steep downgrades would increase by up to 5 miles per hour above the speed set on the cruise control. In other vehicles I have driven in recent years, I do not recall the speed variation exceeding 3 miles per hour from the cruise restraint setting.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2010 Toyota Sienna

General complaint about rear side visibility during reversing. With baby car seats, on the driver side of the Mini van, the driver side rear windows are obstructed and the visibility is restricted well during back up. Asked Toyota if I can buy rear cameras but was told that it comes only factory installed. I consider this a serious anomaly. The Mini vanguard occasionally runs without slowing down while the gas pedal is not used. It retains rush giving a false promise that it is on cruise control mood. Informed Toyota about the lapp and was told it is a feature of speech .


Cruise Control problem of the 2011 Toyota Sienna

The contact owns 2011 Toyota Sienna. The liaison stated that while driving a significant distance with his legs pressing on the floor display panel, the cruise control disengaged the brakes engaged slenderly. The contact stated that it may have been caused by the electrify underneath the shock board. The vehicle had not been inspected at the fourth dimension of the ailment. The failure mileage was 900 and the current mileage was 1184.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2011 Toyota Sienna

I bought a 2011 Toyota Sienna lupus erythematosus in March 2010 and have 1200 miles on it. I believe the Sienna as acceleration issues when in cruise control condition. I turned on the cruise control to keep the rush at 60 miles per hour on the bridge. While going uphill, the Sienna was accelerating to maintain speed which was ok but when going downhill it just wo n’t stop accelerate and the speed went upto 75-80 miles per hour when I hit the breaks and turned off the cruise control. I tried the same in another uphill/downhill location on route 1 and the like thing happened. Please look into the consequence and have Toyota take remedial action. The other issue I found was the prematurely change in gear. This happened when I hit the brakes to go over a speed-reducer and then hit the acceleration pedal point. normally there is a gear shift key around 20-40 miles per hour, but in this event the gear equitable was n’t shifting and the revolutions per minute went on rising. I stopped the vehicle and started again and things seemed to be alright. This has happened to me with the Sienna a phone number of times. The third base issue is that when I turn quickly the steering seems to become non-responsive for a few seconds and seems to get stuck. This does n’t happen when I an lento turn though .


Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Toyota Sienna

I was driving on a straight, level dry road with cruise control set at 58mph. suddenly car began to downshift. Assuming transmission problem I disengaged cruise operate and car about came to a check. I pushed gas pedal and drove in low gear to nearest pull-off. Discovered left front brake was smoking. After things cooled off I drove car in low gear about 6 miles to local service station. Mechanic found all brakes locked and removed all wheels. He inspected all rotors, calipers brake lines, etc and found no problems. ( I had newly brakes installed at franchise about 4 months sooner. ) when mechanic manipulated left battlefront caliper all brakes disengaged. Mechanic found brake fluid level was normal. I ‘ve driven car about 500 miles since problem occurred with no problems. I do n’t use cruise control often – and have n’t used it since trouble occurred. I ‘m wondering if problem is with cruise control rather than brakes ? ? this could have been a calamity if it happened on a expressway at higher speed ! .


Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

2005 Toyota Sienna had cruise control on. The fomite began to ‘shake ‘ and the speedometer climbed to 80 miles per hour then down to 60 miles per hour. It did n’t seem to actually be accelerating — it felt like the vehicle was fighting to not lose ability. I deactivated the cruise master by touching the break. I pulled off the expressway, turned the centrifugal off, waited and started again at a slower speed without the cruise command on. After a while the vehicle again began to ‘buck and shake ‘, the speedometer raced to 80 miles per hour ( though the cable car itself ) did not seem to have rapid acceleration ) then the speedometer dropped to 50 miles per hour. Over the phone my husband advised I turn on the cruise control and turn it off again. I did and drove about 45 minutes home at speeds from 55-65 without another incidental. I will take the cable car to a franchise tomorrow to check out. The vehicle has approx. 100,000 miles on it .


Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

The contact owns a 2005 Toyota Sienna. The contact stated while utilizing the cruise command at 40 miles per hour, the vehicle abnormally accelerated without driver captive. The vehicle was towed to an authorize dealer, but the failure could not be duplicated. There were no repairs made to the vehicle. The failure mileage was 90,000. Updated 05/26/10 the consumer stated the only way to stop the fomite was by pulling the identify out of the ignition. Updated 05/28/10. Updated 06/29/10. Updated 07/08/10 .


Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

Our 2005 Toyota Sienna took off on us in induce hour traffic. Moving my foot to the brake and my conserve shifting into neutral was the first matter we tried, we besides tried parking lot and turn back, and turning off the cruise restraint, none of which worked. The Toyota Sienna death bunker continued to accelerate quickly even though my foot was jammed on the brake ( I did n’t remove my foot from the brake for another 2 1/2 hour until the tow truck pulled in battlefront of us. By the way, when your fomite is abruptly traveling much, much faster than anyone else ‘s fomite on the road, it ‘s all you can do to not hit person. Believe me, I was on the spur of the moment swerving in and out of the lanes and cutting everyone off. The only thing that stopped our Toyota end trap was pulling the key from the ignition, surely not ideal in rush hour traffic. While this was going on, our son was in the backseat calling 911, while our daughter cried. We do n’t have a lawyer and Toyota wo n’t fix our van. What are we supposed to do with it ? .


Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

The reach owns a 2005 Toyota Sienna. The contact stated that while driving at approximately 45 miles per hour with the cruise control activated, the fomite on the spur of the moment accelerated to 55 miles per hour. The fomite was taken to an empower franchise but the dealer could not duplicate the problem. The failure mileage was approximately 105,000. The stream mileage was approximately 110,000 .


Cruise Control problem of the 2010 Toyota Sienna

My 2009 Toyota Sienna accelerated unexpectedly after the cruise control was set. This happened 2 different times while my wife was driving it. I was not in the car. My wife had to immediately press the bracken pedal to release the car cruise. After the bracken was pressed the autocruise released the acceleration. Our car is not in the recall list I think. We never took our car for the hark back animate at any time since we have had it.


Cruise Control problem of the 2009 Toyota Sienna

We recently bought Toyota Sienna limited 2wd. The van started to accelerate on its own at a lower amphetamine ( from 10 to 35 miles per hour ). In addition, the avant-garde maintains its travel rapidly without using a cruise control. furthermore, when the van is started, the ideal is identical high like person is pushing on the boast. We tried to contact the trader in hickory, north carolina ; however, cipher has contacted us back to make an appointee.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2010 Toyota Sienna

I recently drove a lease 2010 Toyota Sienna vanguard, from alamo rentals in san antonio texas. I found the cruise control system a sting far-out and a moment startling at beginning. once the cruise control was set to 70 mile per hour, the system operated fine and maintained the set rush. however, once every 3 or 4 times the cruise master was disconnected using the brake pedal, then using the sketch function of the cruise master, the fomite would accelerate quickly past 75 miles per hour. once I disconnected the cruise control and reset the craved rush, the cruise control operated normally. This seemed to be a persistent but intermittent return. once I was aware of the likely for rapid acceleration and focal ratio overshoot, I was able to anticipate and control the vehicle from running away. In ignite of all the issues concerning Toyota products, I though I would bring this to your attention. Driving conditions at the time of these incidents were dry concrete road, 7 passengers in the fomite, highway travel rapidly of 70 miles per hour, outside temperatures were between 34 degrees f to 70 degrees f. Highway was straight and floor .


Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

After I read the article about apple iraqi national congress. Co-founder steve “ woz ” wozniak ‘s experience about his 2010 prius, I was relieved slightly from my own doubt and confusion. I bought a use 2005 Sienna xle limited ( with radar detector ) last November with 95000 mileage. It accelerated unintentionally respective times when I was using cruise control condition with only single crusade of the acceleration wield. I once let the car went improving to 90 miles per hour before I braked it off from the cruise control condition mode. The acceleration was very herculean when it malfunctioned. All happened in respective seconds. You could hear the engine revering forte towards full moon speed. I had no problem to brake it off every time though. I besides believe it is an electronic or software problem since none of my feet was on any pedal when this happened and there was no floor flatness exit at all .


Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Toyota Sienna

1. Cruise control device on my 1996 Toyota Sienna has been behaving erratically since approximately 2 months. It has over 45000 miles on the odometer and is therefore out of guarantee. 2. mechanically there does not appear to be any defect. however the following anomalies are being observed during the by 2 months. A : 90 % of the time in speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour, when I try to set the cruising accelerate by pressing the ccl ( cruise control lever ) downwards, nothing happens. In more than 50 % of these times, if I lift the ccl upwards ( normally the method acting to re-set cruising speed after braking/slowing depressed ) the cruising speed gets set. B. Under conditions as in ‘a ‘ above many of the operations of the ccl appears to happen in an turn back manner, like setting alternatively of re-setting, re-setting rather of setting, etc. 3. It appears there is something decidedly faulty with the electronics of the cruise control system, and while this has not happened so far, may in fact, lawsuit indefensible DE-celeration/acceleration, and could cause accidents. 4. It is emphasized that these anomalies have *** not *** caused any accident even. This fomite is *** not *** included in any unexpected acceleration-related recalls. But this behavior of the cruise command may have something to do with unusual accelerations .


Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Toyota Sienna

I incidentally hit the cruise control in my 2008 Toyota Sienna when the master lever was over the windshield wiper control in a slight left turn, resulting in the cruise control condition going by chance into “ resume ”. Because of inclement weather I had slowed down and was not expecting the moment acceleration. Took a couple seconds to realize what had happened when I had tried to operate the windshield wiper manipulate. The Toyota cruise restraint lever mounted on the steering column where it turns with the steering wheel appears to be a less than desirable mastermind decision from a condom point of view. Trying to express this business to my local Toyota principal, ( pine bluff, arkansas, where I bought the car ) was abortive. I had been trying to be helpful with Toyota ‘s more generic problem of a complaint of irrepressible acceleration, which Toyota has been trying to blame on improper floor mats being jammed into the accelerator pedal point.

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Cruise Control problem of the 2004 Toyota Sienna

The liaison owns a 2004 Toyota Sienna. While the liaison was driving 70 miles per hour using the cruise master the fomite abruptly accelerated without warning. The contact had to apply extreme pressure to the brakes and engage the emergency bracken to stop the vehicle. The contact noticed prior the failure that the vehicle would surge without warning whenever traveling up an incline using the cruise manipulate. The vehicle has not been diagnosed by the franchise. The current and failure mileages were 73099 .


Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

While driving from CA to va in may of 2009 I experienced an unintended acceleration while in cruise control. This occurred after I would slow down for traffic and then activate the resume manipulate. This happened on several occasions during the slip east and on the return tripper binding to CA. The speeds with the unintended acceleration reached 95mph on the inaugural occasion and stopped once I applied the brakes. After the first incident I was able to keep the acceleration from reaching more than 10 to 15 miles per hour over the assign cruise control speed .


Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Toyota Sienna

When using cruise dominance our Toyota Sienna 2006 van will increase in amphetamine without any changes. We have stop using cruise restraint to prevent any increase in travel rapidly .


Cruise Control problem of the 2009 Toyota Sienna

On an early Saturday April 18, 2009 trip to the airport the cruise control stuck while accelerating and would not disengage by pressing the bracken pedal point or by pulling the cruise control pry ( located on the steering column ) towards the driver. I had just gone through an automatic rifle tollgate in the army for the liberation of rwanda leave lane and began accelerating ( and credibly hit the ‘resume ‘ feature of the cruise control lever ) in ordering to get immediately over to the far right lane to exit. Within seconds I was up to an adequate accelerate and touched the brake. The car continued accelerating. I pressed the brake more hard and pulled the cruise control pry towards me. Neither action disengaged the cruise control. I was able to avoid traffic and point the car towards the right shoulder. I then pushed the gear shift into neutral and the car engine slowed down, the car stopped accelerating, and the cruise control disengaged. On my recurrence trip I tried to duplicate the actions which preceded the problem but was not successful. ( I have driven the car about 5600 miles and this was the first time this problem has occurred. ) the same day I took the car to a bombastic Toyota dealer. They drove the car several miles and did not have the problem happen. So they were not able to find a problem. They said they could only fix a trouble if they could experience it. And, they suggested I take the car to the Toyota principal that sold it to me. late the same sidereal day I did return the car to the Toyota dealer that sold it to me. They were good listeners and kept the car for several days of drive, diagnostics, and call calls to Toyota. But, in the end they besides, could not locate a problem and returned the car to me unchanged. My confidence in this fomite is greatly diminished. While I was successful in disengaging the accelerating cruise master by putting the car into inert I do not want to have to depend on that particularly in a heavy traffic situation .


Cruise Control problem of the 2004 Toyota Sienna

failure of the adaptive cruise control module on a 2004 Toyota Sienna xle limited. The adaptive cruise control module, located under the front man bumper on the passenger side, fails wholly and endlessly resulting in complete failure of the cruise control system. The module is not sealed by rights thereby allowing moisture inside resulting in corrosion and bankruptcy of the part. When actuated, the part is designed to automatically slow the vehicle while approaching slower traffic from behind. failure of this character while driving could result in an accident if the faculty does not automatically slow the vehicle by rights. The vehicle in interrogate has merely 85,000 miles on it. The vehicle has 88,000 miles on it know. The vehicle was taken to kelso Toyota in appleton, WI where I was told that the unit want to be replaced. I disassembled the unit and found the corrosion. I believe the deal would plainly replace the unit with new and then discard the old unit not knowing why it failed. I believe the amiss oring substantial was used. I believe in cold weather the oring shrinks allowing water into the modules cabinet resulting in the failure .


Cruise Control problem of the 2004 Toyota Sienna

I suspect the cruise control of my 2004 minivan Toyota Sienna ce has similar publish found in late prius reports. 1. When cruise master is used on uphill road conditions 2. The speed can be accelerated to over 5 miles/hr more than the cruise control setting. For example, when I set the speed to 70 miles/hr, at a little longer uphill road, the speed will drop first ( like 67miles/hr ) and then accelerate in order to get spinal column to 70miles/hr focal ratio target. But the cruise control system continue accelerating after passing 70 miles/hr and could be arsenic high as 75miles/hr. 3. nothing had been done, barely be cautious by myself. After reading like complaints on prius of Toyota, I feel this may be the like issue .


Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Toyota Sienna

2006 Toyota Sienna le with bz package ( vsa ) – base hit issue ( electronics ) : vehicle stability control arrangement ( vsa ) is dangerous during road slippery conditions if cruise control is used. The slippery condition could be showery day or snow or icy road conditions. The incident occurred several time. The foremost time I noticed the issue is around September of 2008. It was heavy rain, I was driving on a highway with normal focal ratio. The van was set to cruise at 65 miles per hour. I ran over a small potentiometer of water on the road. One of the tire credibly slipped for a brief milli-second. The vsa master kicked in ( I can see the vsa light flashes ), the avant-garde was then running from side to side and the revolutions per minute suddenly jump up ( violently ). The van was unmanageable to control. I tap the brake to disengage the cruise command. then the van went back to normal. 2nd incident, about December of 2008, I was driving on the highway with light snow. The van was cruising at 55 miles per hour. The avant-garde passed a slippery spot. The vsa kicked in and caused violent left and proper movement of the avant-garde a well as sudden acceleration. The incidental about caused an accident. Since then, I stopped using cruise control on the showery or snow-white days. But if anyone out there with Toyota minivan, I would like them to know it is a serious likely trouble. I took my van to be checked out at the Toyota franchise. They said could not find the problem and it is normal as is .


Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Toyota Sienna

The contact owns a 2008 Toyota Sienna. While driving 35 mpf with the cruise control condition engaged, the vehicle began to reduce rush when the senor recognized another vehicle approaching. The touch stated that whenever a vehicle in presence of him changed lanes, the vehicle accelerated to the set travel rapidly. The reach is concerned about the safety hazard involved. The contact took the vehicle to the principal who was ineffective to diagnose the bankruptcy. The contact would like for the manufacturer to have the laser detector removed. The bankruptcy mileage was 1,000. Updated 03/17/10 .


Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

2005 Toyota Sienna xle – cruise control will not hold when going declivitous. Dealer checked it, contacted Toyota technical school. Support. They were told this model is not designed for cruise control to hold going downhill ! I contacted Toyota via e-mail and was told the same matter. I have owned many cars and never have had cruise command not hold on a downhill road. It will be set at 60 and continue going adenine high as 80 when brakes applied. This is a danger, defect, something is not right with such a design. I am putting in a late date, but it has occurred since the vehicle was purchased. Number of failures is ongoing .


Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Toyota Sienna

I am assuming you have seen the article about steve wozniak complaining about his cruise control on his Toyota prius. It is an topic of using cruise control with the sonar activated to slow the cable car down to maintain a dependable distance between the car in front man of you. When the car in front moved out of your lane, your cable car takes off like a rocket to regain the program speed. I have a Toyota Sienna Mini avant-garde that does the like thing he described. When I complain to the dealer they tell me it works angstrom designed. I ask them if they want to drive their kids around on the interstates using the cruise dominance with the sonar activated or pay my speeding ticket when I get pulled over when it does this. After accelerating at such a high accelerate the braking mechanism kicks in to slow the car down. So you know you have gone above the travel rapidly you set the cruise control. A car should n’t take off like a rocket and lawsuit you to speed when the cable car in front of you moves out of your lane. It besides does this with the sonar off and hitting the “ curriculum vitae accelerate ” throw on the cruise. I have not had an accident with this issue, but it indisputable is chilling when it does this. As a leave, I do n’t use my cruise control identical frequently and if I do, normally kick it off by tapping the brake when the sonar slows the car down therefore it does n’t take off like a rocket. I am sure it is a program offspring but it certain is n’t safe or comforting the way it presently works .


Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna 2005. intermittently the car accelerates on its own. Has been happening since I bought it. Never thought much about it, because it would slow down when I put on brakes. In light of the recent problems with early models, I think this is part of the problem. The car feels as if it was on cruise see, getting up to speed. however, I have never used cruise control as I do n’t like it. Is there a connection between the cruise control and these problems ? .


Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna

The consumer was made mindful of the fact that his vehicle has a laser that sends a message to the cruise control to adjust to the vehicle in movement of his. When the vehicle in presence of the consumer ‘s vehicle moves away the cruise command is supposed to gradually bring the vehicle back up to the master program speed. The consumer ‘s vehicle, however would jerk quickly bet on up to speed everytime this happened. The campaign was hard enough to jerk the passengers backwards. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who indicated that would call Toyota to check if there was a recall. They called the consumer back and plainly told him that the fomite was designed to do that .


Cruise Control problem of the 2002 Toyota Sienna

When driving on cruise operate and lightly braking the car suddenly alarmingly accelerates. Dealer claims diverse issues that they tried but not resolved the trouble. I am cook to sell and afraid that the buyer might not remember to follow my education to turn off the cruise control before braking. I have brought the car to the dealer several times over the years, most recently this year 2014.

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