How to Prevent Car Theft

How to Prevent Car Theft
The FBI states that a fomite is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States. That adds up to about 80 cars per hour and 697,979 a class .
Don ’ t be fooled into thinking you ’ re off the criminal ’ sulfur radar screen if you own an older car. Cars aren ’ triiodothyronine barely being stolen for a simple joyride : in fact, most cars are now being stolen for parts that are shipped overseas for resale purposes .

What to Do if Your Car Has Been Stolen

After coming to the realization that your vehicle has been stolen, call 911 immediately. Supply the patrol with information about your car including the make, model, year, VIN, and license home plate number, along with your location. Again, do this adenine soon as possible because the patrol will be able to input the data into a national database to which all law enforcement agencies have access .
If you have an OnStar or LoJack membership, notify the party next and let the representative assist you know that you ’ ve already contacted the patrol. OnStar is able to pinpoint the accurate location of the stolen fomite by using Global Positioning System ( GPS ) engineering, therefore helping the patrol track down your car.

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LoJack is a computer based convalescence organization which interfaces with the National Crime Information Service ( NCIS ) by sending a signal to a satellite that emits a home device and the patrol will get a code to track the placement of the vehicle. LoJack ’ south signal is capable of penetrating buildings which means it can locate your car even in underground park garages .
The next footprint is to contact your insurance agent/company and give them the file issue of the police composition angstrom well as the information regarding the stolen vehicle. If your insurance policy includes lease car policy, this will be a good time to make use of it. When using a lease car supplied by your policy company, be surely to ask how many days the policy will cover the cost of the rental .
If you left any important items in your car that could put you at gamble for identity larceny such as credit cards, bank cards, car registration, and checkbook, immediately contact the respective companies and have these services cancelled. besides, file a reputation with your country department of centrifugal vehicles ( DMV ) .

Tips on How to Prevent Car Theft

It takes less than a hour for a cable car thief to housebreaking and steal your vehicle. Some cable car ’ sulfur are stolen via tow truck. Thieves primarily target car ’ south that have their doors unlocked, an extra set of keys left on the car, a window down, or a car running without the driver in it. Either way, follow the steps below to ensure that your car does not end up as the following victim of car larceny :
Tips for Parking Your Car at Home

  • Avoid parking your car on the street; but if you must, turn the front wheels toward the curb and engage the emergency brake to make it harder for a thief to tow it.
  • Always lock your car and keep the windows up
  • If you have one, park your car inside of a garage
  • Be sure to lock your garage door if it is manual
  • Never leave the car key in the ignition regardless of whether it’s parked inside or outside.
  • Rear-wheel drive cars should be backed into a driveway and front-wheel drive cars should be parked front end first in a driveway.
  • If you park your car outside, avoid leaving the automatic garage door opener in the car or keep it out of sight.

Tips for Parking Your Car in a Shopping Center, a Parking Garage, or a Lot

    Always park your car in an attend park garage or lot so that there ’ s a potential witness if your car is stolen
  • Keep all windows up and leave no door unlocked
  • Remove any valuables from plain sight and put them in the trunk or under the seat. You can also cover them with a blanket or coat.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area, preferably near the stores
  • Avoid walking to your car with your hands full, which makes you an easy target
  • Engage the parking brake as this will prevent your car from getting stolen via tow truck.
  • If you’re uncomfortable walking alone to your car, ask the parking attendant to accompany you.
  • Only give the parking attendant the key to your car, not the full set of keys.
  • Avoid leaving your garage door opener in your car.
  • Don’t keep your keys in your purse; instead, keep them in your pocket

Anti-Theft Tools and Gadgets

Before LoJack, Onstar, and car alarms were introduced to the market, a car thief could jimmy a metallic clothes hanger through the window frame, pull up the round door interlock, open the doorway, and hot-wire the locomotive, all without much trouble. today, new car security gadgets make stealing cars far more difficult .
here are a few car prevention tools and services you can use :
To increase the chances of getting your steal car binding, you can list it with This web site is the “ Nations ” neighborhood watch program for steal vehicles.

LoJack states that it recovers 90 % of steal vehicles. LoJack is an aftermarket vehicle tracking system that allows law enforcement to locate steal cars via a radio transceiver. If you own a car that is rated among the most steal vehicles in the state, investing in a LoJack arrangement could be a chic option .
Steering Wheel Lock
A steering roulette wheel lock is an anti-theft-device that prevents the bicycle from being turned making it virtually impossible to defeat. It is easy to install and fits on cars, pickup trucks, minivans, and SUVs. The steering wheel lock has been around since the 1980 ’ sulfur and patrol submit it is the best manner to deter today ’ s technologically understanding car thieves. By installing a dim-witted steering lock on your lavishness vehicle, you can importantly reduce the chances of it being stolen .
VIN Etcher Kit
A VIN etching kit allows you to imprint the VIN count on windows and cable car parts to deter larceny. By etching your VIN number on to the windows of your cable car, you make it less attractive to thieves because it allows police to identify steal vehicles more easily. A car that has its VIN etched into multiple windows and cable car parts can produce a 65 % lower larceny rate. In fact, VIN etching is so effective that insurance companies are uncoerced to reduce insurance premiums on etch cars .
Brake Pedal Lock

A brake pedal lock is another anti-theft device you can use to prevent your car from being stolen. A brake pedal point lock makes the vehicle un-drivable by preventing the brake or clasp from being depressed. If the thief can not use the bracken or clutch of your car, it can not be driven away .

Preventing Carjacking

carjack and car larceny both involve a vehicle being stolen, but carjacking refers to the larceny of a fomite while the driver or passengers are sitting inside. here are some agile tips to prevent carjacking :

  1. PREVENT-CAR-JACKING-TIPSMake sure all doors are locked while driving
  2. Pull up your windows at intersections and leave enough space between you and the car in front so you can pull around to escape.
  3. If a carjacker is trying to force you into the car, throw the keys as far as possible, then run and scream for help.
  4. Make sure to never leave your child in the car while the engine is running.

Following the steps above will teach you how to prevent car larceny and ensure the guard of your fomite .

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