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EBC Brakes is an independently owned and managed industry-leader, which is identical gallant of its top-of-the-line products, its patriotic fans, its proceed success and its people. With a worldwide knead effect of over 400 employees, EBC Brakes is able to produce the most comprehensive rate of brake pads and brake rotors in the world, with over 5000 function numbers for every type of moving vehicle. EBC brake parts are designed and engineered to provide superscript stopping ability under all conditions to save not only your money but your and your passengers ‘ lives. long ahead environmentalism became a sell period, EBC ‘s founders have always believed that automotive components can and should be as friendly to the Earth ’ second ecosystem as possible. They ‘ve taken extra efforts and spared no expense to find and test organic, non-toxic materials to produce brake parts that are both extremely durable and environmentally-friendly. inferior components that result from build up products to a abject price point and cutting corners have never been and will never be sold by EBC Brakes. rather, all the products are guaranteed to match or exceed OE timbre standards.

EBC produces the largest categorization of brake disk and disk brake pads in the earth, covering everything from mountain bikes to motorcycles, commercial, automotive, industrial, and right up to railway brake applications. besides, the manufacturer offers a collection of high-quality brake kits that represent the ultimate upgrade in braking performance, ensuring significant reductions in stopping distances whether used on the road or on the track. EBC ’ s new Balanced Brake Kits, unlike all other front ”big brake kits ” on the market, are a full moon vehicle upgrade that comes complete with all the hardware you need to completely replace all equivalent components of your vehicle ‘s store brake system, giving a firmer and more responsive brake pedal and allowing you to drive hard for longer without the attack of bracken fade. Each Balanced Brake Kit includes meet friction rear pads to fit the master caliper and braided brake lines for the front man & rear, ensuring a wholly balance brake promote that delivers maximum brake operation. If you need cost-efficient, basic brakes for commercial vans, trucks, or buses, EBC offers Ultimax OEM Brake Pads and Carbon Brake Pads with non-abrasive material that saves money by delivering more miles of practice. You ’ ll besides find a range of performance brake pads from EBC Green Stuff pads for street function on lightweight compacts through Yellow, Red, Blue, and Orange Stuff pads for heavier, more knock-down cars or trucks. The manufacturer ’ s new ”Apollo series ” lightweight but impregnable aluminum 4-piston brake calipers utilize a 2-piece abscond design, incorporating high tensile 12.9 grade steel bolts for reward of the caliper bridge section. Unlike the huge majority of draw calipers, which are typically graveness cast, Apollo Series caliper bodies are machined from heat-treated humble blackmail castings. This gives EBC ’ s Apollo Series brake calipers a noticeable performance advantage over conventional gravity hurl calipers, exhibiting higher overall force and a comparable caliper soundbox stiffness to forge.

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of 5 garbage RotorsEBC® S14KF1216 – Stage 14 Light Truck and SUV Plain Front Brake Kit The rotors in this kit out are trash. They started shaking while braking after less than 100 miles. I thought possibly something else was wrong. I flush replaced the RF caliper with a newfangled OE caliper, thinking possibly that caliper was bent. I had the rotors machined about a month after install. They guy that machined them even said “ they were warped terribly ”. I lived with it for about 2 years. ultimately I decided to replace the rotors with slotted/ drilled and vented rotors from Powerstop. Problem solved. Buy Powerstop parts. not EBC. The condition “ bounty ” rotors in the EBC title is a lie.

Posted by Stephen (Pflugerville, TX) / September 18, 2021

2012 Toyota Tundra

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