Brake Filters: Fact or Fiction

Brake Filters: Fact or Fiction
New state laws are being passed in California and Washington regulating the total of copper present in brake pads, sometime in the next 10-15 years. other states like New York, Rhode Island, and Oregon are working on proposals of their own. Most of these regulations are written in a way that the public is not at hazard, and so they do not become an economic effect to the state, aftermarket manufacturers, or the public, but not in Hawaii. With lobbyists pushing brake filters through legislature, everyone stands to lose .

Brake Filters

Filters placed inside of the steering wheel wells to remove dust and debris particle from the brakes using the air blowing through the rack wells. The filters themselves look good like a regular percolate mounted in a plastic batting cage. The company behind the filters, StreetVac, advises that they be changed with every oil change .
There are four real-world problems for theses filters. First, the rack well can be a wet environment, one good rainstorm and the partials of brake dust and road debris would be washed away. moment, the filters would only catch a belittled share of the bracken debris. Third, some particles of brake debris are smaller than the filter ’ s minimal specification of 2.5 microns. Fourth, the share of intemperate metallic element contaminates would be very little compared to if the contaminates weren ’ thyroxine there at all .


This is a real invention that the inventors are trying to get state governments to mandate. Why ? Because politicians rarely vote against something they do not understand or might save the environment. StreetVac has been lobbying Hawaii ’ second state government to get the Revised Statues for Motor Vehicles amended to include a provision to at least get the state government to test the filters or possibly even require them for all vehicle fleets, and they found person who would listen. here is a sample from Hawaii’s SB 2342 that is presently tabled for further probe :

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A reclamation registration shall not be issued to a registered owner or leaseholder unless every evanesce vehicle owned or leased by that owner or leaseholder is equipped with aftermarket equipment certified under section 286 to directly capture and remove from the environment re-entrained particles and tire and bracken break emissions from all wheels. ”
( 1 ) Require each state agency to purchase, install and maintain aftermarket equipment certified by the director of department of transportation to immediately capture and remove from the environment re-entrained particles and bore and brake wear emissions from all wheels of state agency centrifugal vehicles .
( 2 ) Extend to 24 months the vehicle inspection period for vehicles that are installed with aftermarket equipment certified by the conductor of department of transportation to directly capture and remove from the environment re-entrained particles and tire and brake wear emissions .
( 3 ) Require the director of transportation system to certify aftermarket equipment to directly capture and remove from the environment re-entrained particles and bore and brake wear emissions .
besides, StreetVac claims that the filters can be burned to generate electric exponent. The two biggest problems with this are that when filters are burned, they release high levels of toxic substances, and Hawaii is estimated to run out of landfill in 30 years tied with a 3 kettle incinerator exponent plant going at full power. so, in the exalted schema of things, it would be better to not have the filters in the first base rate.

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