Follow Me Home Headlights And Why It’s NOT A Gimmick

what is follow me home headlight function

Engineers at the R&D facilities of car manufacturers come up with unique features to make the customer’s user experience convenient and safe. That said, there are several distinctive features in cars that do just that. So, today we will look at one such safety feature, follow me home headlamps. Also, it is NOT a gimmick, allow me to tell you why!

Follow Me Home Headlights And Why It's NOT A Gimmick
LED Headlights

Hold it right there, first, let us have a look at what is this feature and who does is work.


Follow Me Home Headlamps

Follow Me Home Headlights And Why It's NOT A Gimmick
LED Projector Headlights

This is a common safety car feature that used to come in high-end cars. But now the feature comes with almost all the vehicles running on the road.

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  • In this feature, the car’s headlights remain ‘on’ when the driver either unlocked the vehicle via the key or switched the ignition ‘off’
  • The headlights stay on for 10-15 seconds to provide a lit track or path for you.
  • And this system can come in handy in various ways in numerous situations.

How do the follow me hold headlights work? 

Follow Me Home Headlights And Why It's NOT A Gimmick
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The guide me headlights tun on in two scenarios, one when the driver turns off the ignition and the other when the car is unlocked from the button on the key.

  • Talking the first scenario into consideration, when the driver turns the ignition off after the drive. The light sensor detects that the light in the environment is low hence sends a signal to the ECU.
  • In turn, the ECU sends an electric pulse to the headlight and keeps them on for a specific period of time. This time ranges anywhere from 10-15 seconds depending upon the carmaker.
  • The same is the case when the car is unlocked from the keyfob, just the triggering mechanism is a little different.

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The various benefits of follow me home headlights

It’s really interesting to own a vehicle that possesses this safety feature. You will get to know the importance of this when we personally use it. But until then let’s discuss its benefits, shall we?

  • Here in India, almost all the modern cars come with follow me home headlights and when in use, they show lit path so that you can easily walk your way out.
  • This safety feature can be used the other way round. The car will light up the way when you approach your car in dark locations.
  • Also, this features comes in handy when you are not able to find your vehicle in a large parking lot.
  • In the end, there is no denying the fact that this safety feature does look cool when you get out of your vehicle and will surely grab some attention.

Fun Fact: Ford was among the first carmaker to bring the follow me home headlight feature in India.

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So, this was all about the follow me home headlights. Do you think this is an important feature? let us know in the comment section.

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