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your 2018 ford f-150 is one of the most durable and reliable trucks on the market, but there may come a time when one of its dashboard indicator symbols illuminate. if you don’t know what the symbol means, this can be alarming.

ford f-150 dashboard symbols guide | doylestown pathe dashboard symbols on your f-150 are there to make you aware of your vehicle’s health and update you on any problems, so it helps to understand the meaning of your symbols and know what to do when one lights up.

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for our customers in doylestown, philadelphia and warminster, the team at fred beans ford doylestown compiled a 2018 ford f-150 dashboard symbol guide to help you decipher its many symbols and indicator lights.

dashboard symbols

while many of your dashboard symbols are easy to understand, some are vague or unclear.

ford f-150 dashboard symbols guide | doylestown pa here are the important system symbols that you should know:

       anti-lock braking system: this symbol is abs’ with parenthesis around it and refers to your anti-lock braking system.

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       battery: this symbol is a battery with a + and – sign, and monitors your battery system and electrical equipment.

       front airbag system: this symbol is a person with a seatbelt fastened and a circle in front of them. it monitors your front airbag system.

       auto start-stop: this symbol is an a with an arrow encircling it. it will illuminate when your engine shuts down.

       stability control: this symbol looks like a car with weaving lines below it. it ensures that the stability control system is operating properly.

       stability control off: this symbol looks like the stability control symbol, but with off written beneath it, and indicates that the system is deactivated.

       lane keeping aid: this symbol is a car in between two lines, and indicates that the lane keeping system is activated.

       powertrain fault: this symbol is a wrench and indicates a malfunction in the powertrain or all-wheel drive system.

       heads up display: this symbol is a horizontal line with smaller, vertical lines running through it. it will appear when the adaptive cruise control or collision warning systems are active.

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      service engine: this symbol is an engine and monitors the health of your engine systems.

indicator and warning lights

along with your 2018 ford f-150 dashboard symbol guide, it also helps to have a guide for the indicator and warning lights. the lights that accompany the dashboard symbols are there to indicate a system is active, inactive, or malfunctioning. they are uniquely color-coded and to help you decipher their meaning.

indicator lights are white, blue or green and let you know that the system is activated or engaged.  these lights usually illuminate when you first activate the system or turn on the ignition. high beams, turn signals, automatic headlights, parking lamps, foglamps and cruise control are examples of symbols with indicator lights.

red, orange or yellow lights are warning lights and indicate a serious malfunction within a vital system and should be checked immediately. your battery, service engine, abs, powertrain and tire pressure light are some examples of symbols with warning lights.

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now that you have this 2018 ford f-150 dashboard symbol guide, you should have more knowledge and insight into meaning of the dashboard symbols on your f-150.

customers in doylestown, philadelphia and warminster who have questions about their ford dashboard symbols can visit fred beans ford doylestown to speak with a service technician or schedule a service appointment for their 2018 ford f-150.

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