2 Dead in New York After Man Jumps Off Hudson Valley Building

2 Dead in New York After Man Jumps Off Hudson Valley Building
An probe is afoot after a man jumped from a construct and landed on another man. For all the news that the Hudson Valley is sharing make sure to follow Hudson Valley Post on Facebook, download the Hudson Valley Post Mobile App and sign up for the Hudson Valley Post Newsletter. Yonkers police officers and detectives are investigating an apparent suicide incident at 77 Locust Hill Avenue.

Google Authorities believe a 25-year-old serviceman jumped from a large build and landed on circus tent of another man below, killing both .Google The preliminary probe shows the nameless “ distraught ” 25-year-old man jumped from the build on Locust Hill Avenue in Yonkers, falling 12 stories onto the concrete park garage roof below and striking a 61-year-old man, police say. Both men were pronounced dead at the setting .2 Dead in New York After Man Jumps Off Hudson Valley Building Enter your numeral to get our spare mobile app Investigators are interviewing witnesses and family members while besides reviewing surveillance video. Police have not released the names or hometowns of either man .Google “ The incidental appears to be a tragic situation and the probe is ongoing, ” the Yonkers Police Department wrote in a press spill. “ The City of Yonkers and Yonkers Police Department offers its earnest condolences to the families of both men. ”

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Hudson Valley Towns Honored

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An incursive pisces from Asia that can live on land for days and uses its sharp tooth to eat animals has been spotted in the Hudson Valley and other parts of New York State .

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Shocking Photos Show Ida’s Devastation in New York, Hudson Valley

Images of the Hudson Valley, largely under water, after tropical Depression Ida

Peek Inside Banned NFL Owner’s $60 Million Yacht Docked in Hudson Valley

Take a spirit at an amaze $ 60 million yacht that ‘s owned by an NFL owner that ‘s been docked for weeks in the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley Says Goodbye To Over 70 Businesses

Award-Winning Actor Selling Hudson Valley ‘Mountaintop Masterpiece’

An award-winning actor is selling “ mountaintop masterpiece ” in Napanoch, Ulster County. Check out all of the photograph of this impressive ” mountaintop masterpiece ” below :

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Nearly 30 High-Risk New York Sex Offenders Recently Moved in Hudson Valley

New York officials are alerting the public about 30 New York sex offenders who recently moved in the Hudson Valley.

Photos: Historic ‘Hudson Mansion,’ With Stage Listed For Discounted Price

Hidden Treasure Worth Thousands Found in New York Home

38 ‘Most Wanted’ in New York

Authorities across New York State, including the FBI, have identified these people as its “ Most want Fugitives. ” Officials ask for help in finding them but warn they should be considered “ arm and dangerous. ”

Highest-Rated Airbnb in New York Found in Hudson Valley

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40 Children Have Gone Missing From the Hudson Valley

Gun Violence Emergency Declared in New York, Lawmakers Respond

Gov. Cuomo declared the first-in-the-nation artillery ferocity disaster emergency in New York.

World-Famous Celebrities Seen At Many Hudson Valley Businesses

Photos: Many Rescued From Submerged Vehicles in Hudson Valley

Some drivers in the Hudson Valley had to be saved from the ceiling of their cars.

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Gypsy Moth ‘Accidentally’ Released Causing ‘Nightmares’ in New York

After 10 to 15 years a gypsy moth that was once “ incidentally ” released has returned and is causing “ nightmares ” in New York .

Cops Dismantle ‘Local Criminal Enterprise’ at Hudson Valley Deli

Six were arrested for allegedly selling drugs and more at a Hudson Valley delicatessen .

Historic Hudson Valley Building Revived as New Business

A historic Hudson Valley construction is getting a second life as a new business that will show off the smasher of the region .

Then And Now: How Fast Food Restaurants in The Hudson Valley Have Changed

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Mustang Pinned Under Tractor-Trailer Near I-84 in Hudson Valley

A Mustang crashed into a tractor-trailer near I-84 in the Hudson Valley .

Photos: Truck Drives Into Building in Dutchess County

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