Brake inspection & repair

Brake inspection & repair

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Your brake system is a critical base hit feature in your car, truck or SUV. Annual brake checks and proper care are important in order to ensure your condom and to avoid dearly-won failures to the bracken system. It starts with a complimentary check at your locally owned AAMCO focus on. Your AAMCO expert technician will examine the entire brake system pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor/drum clothing, calipers and steering wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses and lines, maestro cylinder, and the anti-lock organization for vehicles so equipped .
If you notice any of the signs of possible brake failure : confess, crunch, early unusual randomness when you apply the brakes, a brake pedal that can be depressed closely to the floor, low or dirty bracken fluid, or a brake warn light, have your brake system checked out adenine soon as possible .
For many owners, maintaining the fomite ‘s brakes is something that is overlooked until problems occur and then it ‘s frequently besides recently to avoid dearly-won refilling of rotors and other wear sensible parts. Keeping your annual check and your brake system in good make decree those can prevent dearly-won repairs, save you money, and keep you and your passengers safe. Should our expert technicians find any tire, price or problems through our FREE assay, AAMCO has 3 brake service options to best lawsuit your fomite ‘s needs.

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AAMCO Expert Brake Options



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Best Brake Option
Better Brake Option
Good Brake Option

24 months/24,000 miles
18 months/18,000 mile
12 month/12,000 mile
Labor warranty/
Limited liftime pads
Parts & Labor warranty
Parts & Labor warranty
  • Platinum level – New Disc Brake pads or Drum Brake Shoes
  • Exceeds OE standards with ceramic pad or performance rated pads/shoes
  • Ceramic Enhanced Friction Formula Pads:

    Limited Lifetime warranty on installed pads.

    Premium ceramic Friction formula pads engineered to match specific vehicle requirements.

    Layered shims and slots to reduce noise and harshness (where applicable).

    Ceramic pads produces less noise and no Black Dusting.

  • Inspect Drums and Rotors for wear and pulsation (replacement extra)
  • Inspect Hydraulic system for leaks and wear
  • Gold Level – New Disc Brake pads or drum Brake shoes
  • Exceeds OE Standards
  • Advanced Vehicle specific Friction Formula
    • 18/18 warranty on Installed Pads or Shoes
    • Uses Manufactures specific formula for your vehicle
    • Layered shims and slots to reduce noise and harshness (where applicable)
  • Inspect Drums and Rotors for war and pulsation (replacement extra)
  • Inspect Hydraulic System for leaks and wear
  • Silver Level – New Disc Brake Pads or Drum Brake Shoes
  • Standard Friction Grade Formula:
    • 12/12 warranty on installed pads or shoes
    • Standard friction delivers dependable braking at an affordable price
  • Inspect Drums and Rotors for wear and pulsation (replacement extra)
  • Inspect Hydraulic System for leaks and wear.

INCLUDES: New Brake Pad Hardware
INCLUDES: New Brake Pad Hardware

Pricing is per axle – See manager for more details
Protect your brakes Hydraulic System with a complete bracken fluid exchange

There may be a need for services that compliment the Expert Brake Services such as Brake Rotors and Drum Replacement, ABS Diagnostics and Repair, Caliper and Hydraulic System Services, Brake Line and Hose Services, Axle Bearing and Seal Repairs or Parking Brake Repairs. AAMCO technicians will alert you to those requirements and can perform them for you as well.

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