HO KD (Split K Brake) Air Brake System Kit (R3GP4VDNP) by KkadwellMfg

HO KD (Split K Brake) Air Brake System Kit (R3GP4VDNP) by KkadwellMfg
Product Description

This intersection foliate sells KD ( divided or “ split ” K brake ) air brake systems only. KC ( combined K brake ) air travel brake systems can be found on their own separate product page via our main Shapeways shop page.

This product is available in two sprue sizes, which can be selected from the menu to the right. The “ little ” size includes 2 complete KD brake system sprues ; the “ bombastic ” size includes 4 complete KD brake system sprues.​ A small hobby blade and a file or sanding stick will be required to separate parts from their sprues and to clean up the edges.

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We are very pleased to announce a telephone line of K brake systems on equality with our celebrated AB brake systems ! Included in each KD ( divided or “ rent ” K brake ) air brake system sprue is :

-Combined K brake reservoir/control valve ;
-Brake cylinder with attached piston rod, B-end brake lever, and lever hangers ;
-A-end brake lever with attach lever hanger and pivot bracket.

Regrettably, due to the non-standardized ways that they were incorporated into real K brake systems, an air filter could n’t be included in this sprue. But … they ‘re truly bantam, anyhow, proper … ?

Multiple sprues are included according to size selected before purchase !


Although it was superseded by the AB brake as the standard American freight car brake in 1933, and ultimately outlawed from counterchange military service in the early on 1950s, the K brake was the air brake design that transitioned american freight trains into the airbrake era starting in the late nineteenth Century and remained king for close to half a hundred. evening in the late decades of the twentieth Century, the trusty old K brake could calm be found on aged exploit discipline cars that never left home rails.


Just like our AB brake systems, this KD bracken arrangement is modeled after very drawings, not parts previously produced by other model companies. All of the dimensions and shapes are precisely crafted !

Like all Kadwell products, the KD brake system set is designed to be easy to install. Brake levers and hangers are included as pre-formed assemblies, resulting in a bare minimum of little parts to fumble. The KD brake components and all of the bracken levers feature pre-formed holes for the easy initiation of cable pipes and brake rods as supplied by the modeler ( 0.012 or 0.0125 rodding is recommended ).

The B-end brake cylinder lever features a realistic print clasp for the initiation of a metal hook and handbrake chain, but it besides features a hole behind that buckle for modelers matter to in an even more plug attachment point.

All of the parts feature mounting pins designed for # 80 drill holes. The pins can be easily cut away if a flat mounting open is desired rather.


Because the brake levers and hangers are made to railroad industry standards, they will fit about any center field sill without alteration — we ‘ve tried them successfully on cars from many manufacturers ( Tichy center sills run a act narrower than most, but our brakes will still fit ). however, please note that our brake levers are not made to fit “ fishbelly ” focus on sills — although they can be made to work with a bit of alteration.

The brake systems are delivered in sprues that form a cage around all of the parts to protect them during shipping. Care must be taken in cutting off the cage and removing parts from the sprues — please classify one region at a time from the cage before removing the send sprue connections. See illustrations above.

As constantly, habit caution when using hobby blades to cut through plastic parts. Enjoy your time modeling !

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