LED light upgrades

LED light upgrades
Hello all I thought I would add my 2 cents here, about 5 years ago I converted my 2002 Gem eL Longbed to all LED Lighting, the adenosine monophosphate draw of the bracken lights entirely at a idle or stop sign is very high, as well turn signals etc, the loss through the DC/DC Converter besides factors in, ( as it is nowhere about 100 % ) if you like range it ’ s worth the effort, as LEDS draw nothing !
As well I “ wire ” the high mounted running lights ( located on all older GEMs behind the headrests ) to function as brake lights adenine well for increased base hit. Anyone who has had these apart knows from the factory they are a “ Running, Stop, Turn Lamp ” with 1157 bulb, BUT GEM at the factory only connected the running lamp on the 1157 socket at the factory .
All one has to do is remove the seat cushion and add 2 short pieces of 16ga ignition wire into the existing “ Spaghetti ” tube and push up to the sockets, then tie into the BRAKE light wires ( located right there, at the back of the seat cushion ) for the leave and correct side .
You now have high mounted brake/turn lights, I do not know why GEM did not do this, as for some years ALL fresh vehicles are required to have a high mounted brake light.

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As to the 100 % LED Conversion, go the web site “ SUPERBRIGHT LEDS ” they have most of what you need. BUY LED 1157 “ CORN ” stop/turn bulb, called this because the conduct chips look like an auricle of corn .
ohio and do not make the err of buying “ White ” buy the bolshevik ! I found out the hard way, for WHATEVER rationality the white LED Light WILL NOT go through the red brood, as to the two front “ AMBER ” turn, they are a sealed lamp from the factory, if they burn out you toss them, OK the factory makes the EXACT lapp thing with 3 leds, you can not tell the difference, you have to take it off and ID the mfgr ( I forgot ) then Google and buy on-line. They besides come with both the chrome bezel and black bezel, for GOTH MODE !

As to the tail lights, my elevation Longbed had the horz “ OVAL ” rubber grommet mount style standard truck/trailer taillights. They TOO ARE available LED from the same demand mfgr, once more no difference in appearance AND they come with a new cringle.

The conversion is well worth it, and I added a very fancy LED Dome Light which is a lead Light bar, that rotates for aiming and comes with a switch built in, VERY handy ! I mounted it on inside the roof .
so for the average GEM cable car, you will need 4 RED LED Corn Lamps, 1157 ’ mho ( remove and check they are 1157 ’ s not 56 ’ mho ! ) from Superbright LED ’ randomness, I think I got my dome light form them besides ? You will need 2 headlight lamps from them, then you will have to order online the two amber front man turn lamps to match ( remove and get make off light )
In my public opinion this is very worthwhile doing, and a fun EASY project adenine well, GOOD LUCK, hope this help

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