Head light alignment | First Stop

If you feel your head light are not lighting up the road properly, it might be that they are incorrectly aligned.  Over time because of the normal vibrations and bumps on the road your headlights can find themselves out of alignment. It may be that the headlight mounting brackets are cracked or broken and these are checked first as part of a headlight alignment.   

Headlight alignment is a common cause of NCT failure.


If your headlights are pointing too low, your vision and reaction time will be impaired and this is a safety concern.

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If your headlights are pointing too high even when dipped, then you will cause oncoming drivers to be dazzled and this again impairs safety.

How are headlight aligned ?

Special equipment is needed and here at First Stop we have the necessary equipment to check your headlight alignment.

Tyre pressures should be first corrected and any heavy luggage removed.  

The headlights are checked for cleanliness and for any broken or missing mounting brackets or screws.

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The headlights are put on dip beam and shone into the test equipment.  This determines if the lights are shinning at the correct angles. If necessary the headlights can be adjusted by turning adjustment screws which vary depending on the vehicle make and model.

Correct headlight alignment improves your safety and the safety of other drivers. It also makes night time driving a more pleasant experience.

Come into First Stop for a headlight alignment check and we will help light up your way safely !