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have been looking to upgrade factory headlights on my 2010 sierra. standard h11 low beams are 55 watts and 9005 high beams are 65 watts. has anyone installed 100 watt replacements as i see both wattages available on ebay listings. will the light output be brighter or will the extra draw be a problem. have some concern that the light housings might be damaged by the extra wattage. would they be safe to try? any input appreciated. randy



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hi randy,

i posted this thread awhile back. ss.com i give some readings on the stock bulbs, vs piaa vs sylvania ultras. i think it is a good read.

the link within this thread to styin’ trucks will give you some more ideas.

as for your question. 100w bulbs will probably do two things. 1) get you attention from law enforcement. federal regulations limit wattage to 55w. 2) the higher wattage will probably effect the plastic headlight housing in a negative way. melting the housing will be the least of the worries. melting wiring, overheating relays, etc will be the other.

my experience has been that the sylvania silver star ultras are the brightest light you can place legally in your low or high beam lights. they will not last long though. my experience has been less than a year. others on the web have seen similar low life of these bulbs.

i’m currently running the piaa bulbs. they are almost as bright as the ultras, have lasted over a year for me, and are twice the brightness of stock bulbs.

i hope this helped,



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completely agree with 1500vho. i have philips crystal vision ultra bulbs in my truck currently. i had them in a previous vehicle and they lasted at least 2 years and were still in it when i traded it for my truck.

nice white bright light.

just another option worth exploring.



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i have 100 watt high beams only. 5000 or 6000k for five years in my 2008 that i recently traded. no worries about a thing. they lasted, were seriously bright, no impact on housing or wiring. expect to be a tour guide on night time outings in the country. oh yeah, a brief flash of the high beams makes oncoming traffic dim theirs. 100 watt high beams are a must in deer country.

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