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many car owners are looking to improve their vehicle’s headlights by using halogen projector lightbulbs. most modern cars will use an h11 style halogen light bulb. the difference between the h11 and h11b lightbulbs is that they have different mounting styles. these two types of bulbs have a slight difference in the orientation of the tabs surrounding the bulb’s base. this means that h11 and h11b bulbs are different and aren’t interchangeable.

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if you’re wondering which type of bulb you need in your car’s headlights, read on. this article will compare the h11 vs. h11b lightbulbs. we’ll also tell you how to tell which will fit in your car.

what’s the difference between the h11 vs. h11b?

the h11, sometimes also called the h11a, differs slightly from the h11b. many people are confused by these two bulbs. h11 is a very common light bulb that is similar in size to other bulbs. it can be used for high beam and low beam lighting and is also common in fog lights. the h11 is used by almost all car manufacturers. it’s, therefore, more likely that your car will need an h11 lightbulb.

however, it would be best if you didn’t take our word for it and should always check which bulb your vehicle needs. the h11b is less common but is often used in hyundai’s and kia’s, as these cars have a low beam.

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they don’t fit in each other’s sockets

as mentioned above, the main difference is the socket and tabs of the headlight casing. both bulbs have three tabs, and these fit into cutouts in the headlight housing. both these bulbs have slightly different tabs, so you’ll need to carefully check your old bulb to determine which one you need.

both the h11 and h11b have three tabs; one will be wider than the other two. the widest slot position on your vehicle’s headlight housing will determine which type of lightbulb your vehicle needs.

we’ve all heard the saying ‘trying to fit a square peg into a round hole,’ well, trying to fit an h11 lightbulb into a headlight casing that’s meant for an h11b bulb is a bit like that. therefore, before purchasing a new lightbulb for your vehicle, you must determine which bulb you need. if you are unsure, you can check your owner’s manual or ask a mechanic for advice.

the main difference between the h11 and the h11blight bulbs is that the h11b has an exposed connection plug, similar to a regular electrical plug that you have on electronic items in your home. the h11 light bulb has a connection that’s enclosed inside a connector. this helps to hold the wires in place.

how to decide which bulb you need

headlight bulbs: h11 vs h11b | drivetrain resource

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it’s easy enough to decide whether you need an h11 or an h11b lightbulb in your headlights. all you need to do is look at the back of your car’s headlight. this may be a bit tricky in some vehicles. to decide which you need to check the position of the widest slot, then order your bulbs for the internet or your nearest garage.

if you use the wrong bulb, it will cause issues for your car. the bulb will fit, but the return wire may be the wrong way around. this could cause a shadow to be cased down the middle of the car’s headlight. obviously, this would compose less light, and your headlight wouldn’t be as effective. it won’t be the end of the world if you use an incorrect lightbulb, but you won’t be able to see as far when driving in the dark, and this may be hazardous.

the h11b is equivalent to a few other bulbs which will fit in your headlight casing; these include the h8, h9, and l-shaped h16. the h11, on the other hand, isn’t compatible with any other bulbs.


a lot of motorists are confused by the h11 and h11b. in this article, we’ve cleared up some common misconceptions. the h11 and h11b aren’t interchangeable, and you’ll need to check which one you need before buying a new lightbulb. most cars use an h11 light bulb, which is sometimes sold as an h11a, but this isn’t always the case. h11b lightbulbs are most common in hyundai’s and kia’s, which have low beam headlights.

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