Headlight Restoration Service – Head& Tail Lights Repair/Cleaning

headlight restoration service - head& tail lights repair/cleaning

the plastic materials that your headlights and tail lamps are made out of, degrade and become faded with time. this happens because uv radiation and constant exposure to elements chip away at the outer layer.this becomes a safety issue as well,because of poorer visibility at night

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at carzspa, our team first judges the severity of the cloudiness of the lights and lens, post which, we do sanding and polishing to the affected areas to restore the clarity of the headlights. we finish the entire process by applying a coat of uv protectant to ensure safety from any wear and tear.

before after headlight restoration service - head& tail lights repair/cleaningheadlight restoration service - head& tail lights repair/cleaning

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decontamination and surface refinement

carzspa’s decontamination and surface refinement process helps you achieve a smooth, flawless, and even-toned paint surface through our detailed and deep 5-step process

one step polish and wax

your prized possessions receive the same love and care that you give them after they come into our carzspa studio.
our in-house detailing experts will help you maintain that “new car” feeling.

genuine leather treatment

your car’s leather seats see a lot of wear and tear. this can be because of exposure to uv rays, dirt and loose debris, all of it resulting in cracked, faded and flaking seats.

intensive interior cleaning

we call it “intensive” because every nook and cranny of your car is given the carzspa attention to detail. first we dry vacuum the interiors. second, we use our steam cleaner along with dry foam chemicals.

ozone air purification

in the post-covid era, every car owner needs to be aware of his environment and ensure a safe and hygienic cabin space. carzspa removes unpleasant odours,bacteria and viruses by placing an ozone generator inside the car.

alloy wheel polishing

whether your car came with factory standard alloys or you have invested in the fancier aftermarket varieties, brake dust and iron deposits are enemy number 1 to the look and performance of your wheels.

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glass treatment

carzspa’s windshield cleaning and polishing treatment eliminates this risk by removing hard water spots and other contaminants, giving better nighttime visibility and clearer glass during rains.

trims restoration

black plastic trims always fade to an ugly grey over time and daily wear and tear. your plastic and rubber trims brave harmful uv rays, dust and other contaminants on a daily basis which results in discoloration and an old grey look.

water spots removal

cars washed with hard water often leave behind stubborn water spots on the glass and on the paint surface. these marks kill the car’s look completely.

headlight restoration service - head& tail lights repair/cleaning

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