Headlight retractor relay location

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You're reading: Headlight retractor relay location

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originally posted by brumpomatic

hi, i have the same symptom with my 92 miata exept w/ mine the headlights always stay up and to make matters more complicated i’m not getting any flashers (all other lights work)

i have tried tapping the la12 but i still have the same problem, can someone (w/ knowledge and/or the schematic) tell me how to test the la12 with a voltmeter?

is the flasher problem related to the same relay? (if not, any other ideas?)

thank you!

should be easy fix, below is link access to miata diagrams. when you open site, click neo garage, click miata maint. res. your 12v relay operate source should be good because
who 12v fuse also operates headlights. the headlight retract motors should be good because both lights are up.

happy hunting and plz update us

try this headlight sw. is off. the dash retract headlight sw. is normal, not pushed in. pull the retract relay from it’s socket first, you will test from that socket mit your meter. a paper clip makes the socket test points a male. measure voltage on the female socket w/red/green wire, should measure 12v [head fuse 30a]. no 12v, would indicate bad [ dash sw.] retract headlight sw. an unlikely possibility would be an open in the red/grn wire on it’s way to the dash sw.

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if you measure 12v, next turn on your headlights, that would normally operate the retract headlight relay. when the headlight relay operates it presents 12v on the wht/blk wire socket. no 12v, would be unlikely because that same 12v lights the headlights.

if you measure 12v, turn off headlights, carefully short [paper clip or?] red/grn socket to the wht/red socket. you are pretending to be a good retract. relay. if your pretense caused the headlights to retract, your retract relay is bad.

i think it would have been reasonable for you to start a new thread


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headlight retractor relay location  

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