HeadLight swap? 05-07 to 08-09

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HeadLight swap? 05-07 to 08-09


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I am trying to figure out if 2005 legacy/outback or +61404532026 legacy/outback headlights will fit my 2008 Outback. I really like the look of the insides of the earlier headlights. I would like to eventually do get a set with black housings and remove the orange reflectors or take them apart and paint the housings black. It is obvious that they changed the insides of the housings but I can not see any reason that they would change the shape of the headlight or the way that they mount.

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They did change the shape of the headlights for 08. You would not only need headlights, but also front bumper, fenders, grille, and hood I believe. Not a simple swap.

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Bummer :/ thanks

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