HeadLight Tag

headlight tag
uhf rain (epc gen 2)

headlight tag

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  • read-range, up to 6 metres

headlight tag uhf rain (epc gen 2)

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headlight tag with adhesive, designed for permanent headlight mounting on cars with metalized windshield

tagmaster headlight tag provides a cost-effective long-range identification of vehicles. the headlight tags are designed to be used with tagmaster long range rfid readers for access control and automatic vehicle identification applications.

the headlight tag is a battery-free uhf read only tag, suitable for long-range vehicle access applications where the tag is permanently and tamper evidently attached to a vehicle. the headlight tag is mounted on the outside of the headlight using an adhesive. a headlight tag is the best option to enable reliable vehicle identification in situations where the entire car windshield has a built-in solar screen with metal particles or a heated windshield (thin metal wire). this  metallization will prevent the reliable operation of tags and cards placed inside the vehicle.

the headlight tag is delivered in continuous running number series and the securemarkid® is discretely marked with black print.

the headlight tag has a read range of up to 6 metres, when read by a tagmaster xt-3 reader. conforming to rain, the headlight tag is supplied pre-programmed with locked epc field using the tagmaster securemarkid®. securemarkid® ensures that each tag is unique and guarantees that a tag cannot be changed or duplicated. the headlight tag has, as all tagmaster tags, unsurpassed quality and performance and is designed to work with the tagmaster portfolio of uhf readers.

by selecting both tags and readers from tagmaster, this will ensure an extremely reliable system and problem-free operation. by using tagmaster securemarkid® the installation and start-up of the system will be extremely efficient and will only require a minimum of effort.

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tagmaster, based in stockholm, is a leading provider of advanced sensor systems and have extensive experience that provide service and support worldwide through partners and our own offices.

with a tagmaster solution, parking is a fret-free experience for both operators and customers.

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