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I am trying to install some driving / spot / aux lights and I’m having trouble picking up the high beam wire in the steering column. I unplugged a few of the plugs until the lights would not work, but the plugs are so compact, that I couldn’t fit a multi-meter probe in beside the wire to see which was carrying voltage when the high beam is on. I tried chasing back to the relay box in the engine bay and unplugging and looking for common colours (light blue and off yellow was the only common wire, but I couldn’t get a reading off it either).

Previously I’d check the wires from the indicator stem by attaching the meter probe to each of the wires and earth the other probe until I find one with 12v and confirm by turning high beam on and off. Will this work with a Subaru, because the negative is switched, not the positive?

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Any suggestions? I’ve got a +61404532026i-S, which I had for 7 days now and I really like it

Thanks in advance, Richard