Hard brake pedal,hissing sound, rpm drop….

Hard brake pedal,hissing sound, rpm drop....

Hard brake pedal,hissing sound, rpm drop….

gunhound Did a search but could n’t find anything on this emergence.

Have a 97 Blazer 4×4. nowadays as the wife was driving home, the bicycle became hard to press. I checked it out and noticed a hissing sound such as an air leak when applying the brakes, and as I applied more blackmail, the engine revolutions per minute drops and closely cuts out.
It actually cut out on her while stopped at a traffic light. I very need to find the problem since its the wife ‘s cable car.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.

DINO55 If your hearing a hissing healthy inside your blazer when you push down on thebrake pedal, The most likely campaign would be a bracken booster failure .
drdd check for vacuum leaks … particularly at the vacuum ball and the “ three way rail-splitter ” … look for dry-rotted rubber at all connections … see if you can hear where the hiss is coming from … check all vacuum fittings …

Did a search but could n’t find anything on this issue.

Have a 97 Blazer 4×4. today as the wife was driving home, the bicycle became difficult to press. I checked it out and noticed a hissing strait such as an breeze leak when applying the brakes, and as I applied more pressure, the engine revolutions per minute drops and closely cuts out.
It actually cut out on her while stopped at a traffic light. I very need to find the trouble since its the wife ‘s car.
Any information will be greatly appreciated .
JA no Y Does the hiss sound stay even when stoped ?. My booster went out and the pedal was hard like you described. Sounded like tune brakes on an 18 wheeler. Long as I had the brake pedal presssed the sound stayed. I replaced the supporter and problem went off .
Rmbodie I agree, it sounds like you will be pulling off the might brake promoter. Since it is losing all the vacuum when you apply brake, it credibly means the rubber diaphram is torn on the inside seal. I dont think it is user rebuildable but you will have a core mission for the switch over. You can remove the vacuum tune from the engine compartment side and temperarely spark plug it up therefore your locomotive will run correct and pretent you are driving a 50 year old car when you want to stop ( until you can replace it ). good luck, Rob
wolfox A stick open EGR can create a hiss that can be heard in the vent intake and make braking hard. Had that find to me doubly until all the carbon paper sludge got swept out of the EGR passages on my ’95. Food for idea .
BlazerLT I do n’t understand why people immediately run to their computer alternatively of at least checking where the noise is coming from.

gunhound JA no Y-
The heavy of rushing air travel only occurs when I press the brake pedal point, and it does seem to sound like air brakes.
Looks like I will be replacing a brake booster. Any tips on replacing it ?

BTW, I did check under the hood, but the sound was more pronounce inside.
I do have some mech experience, but have never had this happen.

Thanks to everyone for the quick responses .
BlazerLT Mine always sounds like atmosphere is moving when I oress the brakes.

Did you chack the vacuum hose going to the brake promoter and make surely it is attached ?
gunhound There is normally a rebuff fathom of air ( such as an air leak ) when brakes are applied. But now it is very detectable with an highly hard pedal feel. Rusing vent sound is forte, like air brakes.
I am going to check void lines, but I suspect the booster is shot after reading the posts. I will credibly replace the overcome cylinder while I ‘m at it.

BlazerLT Check the hosiery before anything .
JA no Y The rushing air sound only happened on my bad supporter when I pressed the brake pedal. On a normal brake it alone occured for a second or two. When my booster went it stayed no count how long I had the bracken pressed and was alot loud. Was n’t the quick little boo on a convention opperating pedal point.

The hardest separate of replacing the supporter was getting to the nuts attaching the booster to the firewall. They are behind the drivers dash but can be gotten to from underneth. Just make sure you have a universal and some extensions. Have to pull back the carpet and remove the access pannels under the dash besides.

To remove the bnooster, remove the crackpot attaching the victor cylinder to the booster and carefully pull the master cylinder along with RWAL command faculty and isolation/dump valve advancing until it clears the mount stud. Be carefull not to bend or kink the brake lines.

Disconect the vacuum hose.

Inside the vehicle, remove the clip and remove the power brake pushrod from the top of the bracken pedal

Remove the nuts attaching the promoter to the firewall

The carefully remove the booser form the locomotive compartment.

To intall the new one barely do the reverse of removing it

Unless there is a trouble with the victor cylinder, I would n’t change it. Can be a pain to get out any air in your brake lines from changing it out if you do n’t have person to help you. Especialy with an ABS system .
gunhound JA no Y-
Thanks a bunch together – the booster was the perpetrator.
It was a PITA to change it out, but was done in a pair of hours.

Thanks to everyone and this board angstrom well .
BlazerLT Glad you are spinal column on the road .
D_M HI to everyone !
gunhound, what did you did to fix the this issue, replace the booster ?
I have same trouble … (
Crvett69 if you alone hear the boo when you step on the brake pedal point and brakes are harder to apply your brake supporter is bad
D_M Yes, there precisely this symptoms and only one more thing, when I press the bracken pedal the RPM is playing excessively, this change anything ( I mean the trouble is placid merely brake booster or and something else ) ?
Crvett69 the leaking brake booster is causing a vacuum leak and thats causing the engine to speed up, run pugnacious or die depending on hawthorn badly the escape is

so this mean if I will replace the brake promoter everything will be like earlier ?
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