SOLVED: My car turns off while driving without warning. – 1998-2002 Honda Accord

SOLVED: My car turns off while driving without warning. - 1998-2002 Honda Accord
iodine had a 1998 honda crv … there was a recall on these the civil, and the agreement all the wyoming back to 1996 till about 2002. one was climbing a mountain happen and the enigine stopped. fortunately one was able to drift off the road to the right. iodine was in the slow lane .
it was the ignition switch, whic was not beefy adequate for all the electircal. it was 35.00
one bought the car in 2004 with only 58,000 miles it. the pervious owners had replaced the throw per the recall in the 90 ‘s. but still that switch wasnt potent enough .
bought the switch from honda. they finally beefed itup to handle all it needed to, never had a problem after that which was in the drop of 2004.

one always think about what if one was in the debauched lane of a crazy expressway. it would have been a chilling position .
promise this helps. these older hondas run everlastingly. and without the internet one credibly wouldnt have found out what was faulty with my honda, ignition substitution .

i had the same problem back in 2004..i bought a 1998 honda crv with 58,000miles. got it home and it did the like thing going thru the mountain roads to get home. the engine shut off. had it towed home. my brother inlaw said go on-line to see if there is any posts..well i found one a charwoman from canada posted in 2000 .
one turned out to be the igntion switch … iodine looked at my paper influence from buying the cable car from a private party..sure enough..they kept excellent records..there was a recall from honda going all the room back to 1996..for replacing the ignition switch … a simpleton little $ 35.00 part purchased from honda … golden for me when it happened to me in 2004 honda had discovered that the interchange just wasnt stout adequate to handle all the electronics..such as putting your key into the ignition throw to start the car.with that turning on the lights, fastball. wipers anything like that.. the switch over was not beefy buddy in law said the fresh switch leverage in 2004 had been made to solve the problem..he came to my house after work. took the daunt circuit board cover off … replaced it started the car and it has never happened again and it it now 2016 … .thanks to the interent and an honest-to-god post and the people i bought my car from keeping great records of service on the car..i solved the problem. is one found ifixit web site and looking for something else. and found all of these people with the lapp problem..i will answer this motion to anyone who post it.. it is worth if becasue the hondas will run by 300,000 miles if we take good wish of them … hush driving my crv …

you have to get the function from the honda trader … besides after disconnectioning battery electroconvulsive therapy to fix it. rememember to make sure you have the code for resetting your radio … mine was on the radio itself and had to take the dash apart again to get the code was on the side of the glove box where it was presuppose to be..
iodine hope this assistant and you havent spent to much money with all the other suggetions you have tired..
my buddy inlaw is excellent at what he does and installs smog. and does repairs..he new adequate about a problem to suggest the internet..and there it was. on charwoman in canada from 2000 …

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