Brake and Lamp Inspection Belmont CA

Brake and Lamp Inspection Belmont CA

Brake and Lamp Inspection Belmont CABrake and Lamp Inspection Belmont CA
Spiteri ’ second Auto Service is proud to be an Official California State Licensed Brake and Lamp Adjusting Station ! If you are in need of a brake and lamp inspection our local, customer-focused car animate workshop is the place to come. Our technical mechanics have the experience, educate and necessary engineering to handle all of your car ’ mho brake and lamp inspection, adjusting and repair needs to help you get back on the road smoothly and safely .

What is the purpose of a brake and light inspection?

In California, a brake and lamp inspection is necessity to ensure that a vehicle is safe to drive and operate properly on the road. Brake and lamp inspections are required anytime an car is being retitled, which includes after a car accident or vehicle larceny. The DMV requires a thorough examination by a State Licensed Inspection Station to make sure no parts of the vehicle ’ s bracken system or lights were damaged or misaligned due to an accident or larceny. The overall aim of these inspections is for the condom of the driver vitamin a well as the guard of other drivers on the road !

What happens during a brake inspection?

When Spiteri ’ south Auto Service performs an official Brake Inspection, we follow the rules and regulations set forth by the State of California. We remove the tires from your cable car and perform a exhaustive ocular inspection, a well as use extra quantify devices to ensure that all manufacturer specifications are met. We make surely that there are no hazards that would cause the brake arrangement to not operate properly. Your base hit is identical authoritative to us, and we take these brake inspections – a well as our brake repair services – very badly !

What happens during a lamp inspection?

Our brake and lamp technicians are licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair ( B.A.R. ). We only use B.A.R. approved equipment and procedures when we conduct our official Lamp Inspections. During these lamp inspections, we check to make certain the lighting organization in your car is operating properly. We visually inspect your vehicle ’ mho lighting system, and meter the calculate of your headlights. We besides make sure that your brake lights, turn signals and headroom lights are all in big bring order. Once we complete the inspection, we will issue a 90-day security that can be presented to the California DMV as proof that your vehicle has passed and is ready for operation.

If you ever have any questions about our brake or lamp inspections services, please do not hesitate to ask ! Our friendly, talented team is here to help make your bracken and lamp inspection a easy as possible. Simply arrest by, give us a margin call or schedule your date on-line today !

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