Vehicles are one of the basal aspects of Jailbreak. They are used for many purposes, such as to traverse the map, chase players, racing, or make quick getaways from robberies and heists. Below is a wax list of all seventy vehicles in Jailbreak. For more information, click a vehicle ‘s name or trope to visit its respective page .

list of vehicles

  • Red price tags indicate that a vehicle is unobtainable.
  • Yellow

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    price tags indicate that a vehicle is going off-sale soon. Buy while you can!

  • Gray price tags indicate that a vehicle has been completely removed from Jailbreak.
  • Green price tags indicate that a vehicle costs Robux.


More information

Vehicles can be purchased with in-game Cash Icon.png cash, through obtaining gamepasses ( SWAT and BOSS gamepass. which will give players the SWAT Van or Celestial for the cost of GoldenRobux.png 350 and 300 respectively ), or by reaching level 10 in an Event Season. The Lamborghini is a special case : it can be rented for one real-life day with an optional requital of 99, or can be bought for 100,000. There are sixty-five vehicles in total, excluding the five moving heists and one undrivable vehicle ( the Stealth Jets ). This number is made up of fifty-two farming vehicles, ten forward pass vehicles, and three boats. As of October 20th, 2021, there are forty-three vehicles available for purchase, the other twenty-one being retired or removed. The remaining vehicles are made up of thirty-four land vehicles, seven antenna vehicles, and three boats. Three vehicles are wholly free of cost :

  • The Camaro is an iconic getaway due to having the most spawn points out of any vehicle, and can be spawned by using the Mobile/Premium Garage gamepass.
  • The Helicopter is practical and has many uses, but it is not easily accessible because its spawn points are located in police-related locations.
  • The Jeep is only found at the Military Base, but can also be spawned by using the Garage or the Mobile/Premium Garage gamepass.

There are twenty-one inaccessible vehicles in sum :
presently, all of these vehicles, except the Blade and Police Camaro, can alone be spawned and driven by owners. Attempting to buy them now will fail, along with a presentment informing players of the vehicle ‘s unattainability :
It has been stated that these inaccessible vehicles will not become re-available in the future and that Lia ‘s Spaceship will never be gettable for any early player. however, the M12 Molten may return in the future for a higher price. [ 1 ] The Mighty was retired in the Gun Skins Update, however, returned as the floor 6 loot in Season 3: Looking Back!. The best vehicle for a musician depends on their personal preferences. The most expensive choices all have unique features that suit some people better than others, and every vehicle has its pros and cons .

Vehicle customization

Main article: Vehicle Customization.

Vehicles in Jailbreak all have their special locations for customization. Land vehicles can be customized in any of the four garages, which can be found in the Town, City, Military Base, and Airport. aerial vehicles, such as helicopters and the UFO, can merely be customized on the helipad on the City Garage, while small antenna vehicles like the small Bird can be jammed into the garage spaces. The planes, such as the Jet, are meant to use the Customization Hangar at the Airport or on the roof of the City Garage. Water vehicles have the Customization Dock, which is located in the Cargo Port, nearby the City Criminal Base. If a player does not wish to travel to a vehicle ‘s particular spawn location or a garage to customize their vehicle, they can buy the Premium Garage Gamepass, which allows them to spawn any land fomite and the Crew Capsule a retentive as a extremity of the opposing team is not nearby. It besides enables players to customize any vehicle, anywhere. Customizing a vehicle is a good way to improve operation or show off a singular invention that will stand out from others. Before the NUKES! Update of May 2020, the tips bar above the inventory stated that criminals could go to a garage to “ disguise ” their vehicle from Police. There was besides a bug where a musician can obtain a limited-time texture that they did not previously obtain, which was patched in the update of Season 5: Let the Memes Begin! on August 7th, 2021 .

Disabling vehicles

Main article: Vehicle Disabling. Vehicles can be disabled and stopped in versatile ways, allowing players to get near and defeat their enemies. For most country vehicles, getting shot by a gun or drive over Road Spikes will cause the tires to burst and will remain pop for ten-spot seconds, after which the tires will regenerate and allow the driver to drive their vehicle again. The lapp happens to most criminals ‘ cars when a police car jam into them, but the tires will only remain popped for only two-three seconds. The lapp applies to most air out vehicles, but rather, the air fomite will start making an alarm noise and fall to the ground. Before the Balance Update, players used to be able to jump out and back in when publicize vehicles were disabled, and the vehicle would regenerate automatically. This was patched soon belated. however, even when disable, vehicles can still roll down hills and ( only for kingdom vehicles ) use Rocket Fuel as a electric potential scat.

Some vehicles are immune to disabling. water vehicles can not be sunk, and planes can not be shot down. But more queerly, all vehicles using the bicycle chassis ( Dirtbike, Patrol, and Dune Buggy ) have tires that can not be popped, despite being able to be popped by using Road Spikes .

special abilities

A few Jailbreak vehicles have limited abilities. These roll from passive abilities such as brood and role-playing capabilities, to more sophisticated ones such as the power to fire missiles .


Main article: Rocket Fuel.


  • As of the Garage V1 Update, players can spawn any land vehicle they own at their location and drive it. However, it requires the Premium Garage Gamepass to do so from any location other than a Garage.
    • As of the aforementioned update, players now cannot spawn vehicles if an opposite team is nearby.
    • Players without the Premium Garage Gamepass can only spawn the Camaro, Jeep, Pickup Truck, SWAT Van and the Celestial, with a cooldown of 8 minutes.
  • Prisoners and criminals need to press/hold “E” on the cockpit of the Helicopter and Little Bird, and vehicles in the Police Stations and Fire Station to steal it (referred to in-game as “Hijacking”). This does not apply to any other vehicles outside the police stations.
  • Cars and helicopters can be used to make players harder to hit when they enter into them, making them useful in fights when a player is in low health. Note that players can still be hit unless driving the Patrol, Dirtbike and Dune Buggy (this is due to a glitch in the bike chassis that underpins them).
  • Although the Mighty has four windows, it only has two seats, unlike the Model 3, which also has 4 windows, but has four seats.
    • The Mini Cooper S, which the Mighty is based off, has a seating capability of four.[2]
  • A police officer can eject all criminals in a car by pressing “E” on their vehicle with handcuffs equipped. Whoever the driver is can eject individual players from their vehicle by clicking their name in the bottom right corner, next to the lock GUI.
  • Users can prevent other players from entering their vehicles by clicking the grey button that reads “Lock” in the bottom-right corner. They can unlock it by pressing it again.
    • A player’s vehicle will immediately unlock if they enter, or attempt to enter, another vehicle, even the vehicle is locked or if the player does not own the vehicle. This includes ejecting other players from a car with handcuffs as a police officer.
  • Driving a vehicle on an old and/or low-end device may cause lag and may give players a higher chance to glitch out while driving.
  • As of July 6th, 2018, vehicles cannot be locked near another vehicle’s spawn. This is to prevent police from locking nearby vehicles, making it harder for criminals to escape.
  • When the game was first released, vehicles were limited to only the Camaro, Police Camaro, and Model 3.
    • Before the Supercar Update, the Model 3 was free.
  • Even though the Torpedo and Arachnid are no longer be obtainable, players could have still purchased them from another player’s during Season 3. This was patched when the update of Season 4 came out.
  • Although the most expensive current vehicle, the Concept, costs 2,500,000, asimo3089 once hinted at adding a hidden vehicle that would cost 100,000,000 and it only appears to those who have enough to buy it. He has never mentioned the idea again.[3]
  • As of the update of Season 6: Race to the Top on October 1st, 2021, there was a glitch that allowed players to use their weapon while driving a vehicle, which was later patched shortly after.
    • To do the glitch, drop the selected weaponry on the floor, get inside their specified vehicle, go over the weapon – if they see an E button, do not press E but instead click the button with the mouse. They can then use their weapon while driving a vehicle.

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