How Much Should I Spend on Motorcycle Gear? | BikersRights

How Much Should I Spend on Motorcycle Gear? | BikersRights

so you just spent a few thousands of bucks on a new bike? congrats for getting yourself a new baby.

but you’re not done yet. you’ll need to spend some more money on your motorcycle gear, including a helmet, eye protection, a pair of motorcycle gloves, a leather jacket and other durable clothing, and maintenance gear.

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how much should you spend on all these motorcycle gear?

unfortunately, there’s no fixed cost for these items. just like all the other products, their prices are distributed across the cost spectrum, running from budget to high-end gear.

you can choose to go the budget gear way and save money or you can decide to get quality gear that lasts long.

in the following post, we’ll shed more light into the most crucial gear you need as a new motorcycle rider and how much you should spend on them.

why you need motorcycle gear?

quality motorcycle gear is crucial if you want to enjoy safer, comfortable, and more enjoyable rides.

how much should i spend on motorcycle gear? | bikersrights

protection is the number 1 reason why you need to put on that helmet and other crucial motorcycle gear. see, if you get involved in a crash and you get thrown off your bike an extremely high speeds, you’ll suffer all kinds of injuries and bruises.

sometimes the injuries can be so fatal that death sets in.

luckily, good motorcycle gear acts as your second skin, shielding you from those injuries and bruises you might suffer when you make sudden stops or crash with your bike.

the last thing you want is coming into contact with the pavement without any motorcycle gear. your skin will get shredded soo bad and leave you with severe injuries. all this can be avoided by putting on motorcycle gear.

your gear will also keep you safe from weather elements like sun, wind (wind causes deafness in motorcyclists!), noise, bugs and flying debris as you ride at high speeds.

putting on properly fitting motorcycle gear will also ensure you stay comfortable through various riding conditions. who doesn’t want to feel comfortable when riding their bike?

as we mentioned earlier, all the motorcycle gear has varying costs. you might think buying cheaper gear is a good way to save some money, but ask yourself if the money you’re trying to save if worth your life.

why save a few hundred bucks to get that cheaply made helmet that won’t offer the slightest level of protection in a crash? it’s just not worth it!

whatever you do, don’t sacrifice quality for price when purchasing your motorcycle gear.

how much should you spend on motorcycle gear?

in this section, we’ll outline our list of the most crucial gear for every motorcycle owner and how much you should spend on it.

let’s do this…


we have said it many times, in different posts, that a good quality helmet is one of the most crucial safety gear you need when riding your motorcycle.

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this piece of gear will help keep your head cushioned against injuries in case of an accident. it’ll help prevent severe head injuries, brain damages or even brain trauma when riding on rough roads.

how much should i spend on motorcycle gear? | bikersrights

it’s no wonder that some states have even made it mandatory for all motorcyclists to put on a helmet when riding their motorcycle.

that said, helmets come in different styles, designs, etc. to suit your riding habits, style preferences, and the time of year and the type of weather it brings. this would make them vary greatly in cost.

so, how much should a good motorcycle helmet cost you?

a high-end helmet can cost you over $1000 while a budget one can cost you as low as $100.

on average, a decent helmet should cost you around $150-$250. in this price range, you’ll find a good quality helmet (dot-approved) that will offer you excellent protection without having to spend hundreds of bucks.

eye protection

the next thing you need as a new motorcycle rider is eye protection gear when riding your motorcycle.

though most helmets come with a windscreen or sun visor, others such as half face models lack eye protection. this puts you at risk of getting attacked by bugs, uv rays, or even those flying debris, rocks, etc.

how much should i spend on motorcycle gear? | bikersrights

luckily, you can always find yourself a pair of motorcycle goggles to keep your eyes protected throughout the ride.

for around $50 to $200, you can find good-quality motorcycle sunglasses, with excellent uv protection, 100% polarization, and other amazing features.

you spend below $50, and you might not get durable pair of glasses. if you spend over $200, you’ll get even greater quality and more advanced features.


when we humans fall, we have a tendency of catching our falls. we’re not to blame, though! that’s pure human instinct.

that said, serious injuries can occur if your hands are unprotected, especially in the case of a motorcycle rider.

how much should i spend on motorcycle gear? | bikersrights

putting on a pair of gloves is a good way to shield your hands form injuries that might occur if you try catching your fall in a crash.

the for the best level of protection, you’d want to invest in gloves made form durable material with superior abrasion resistance and reinforced stitching. gloves featuring armor at the base of your palm offer even better protection when your hands touch down in a crash.

not to forget, the gloves shouldn’t restrict you from operating various controls on your bikes or your modular helmet motorcycle intercom system.

the average cost of good quality pair of leather gloves falls around $40-$100. if you want the best quality available, be sure to arm yourself with $100-$200.


a good-quality motorcycle jacket, made using strong and abrasion-resistant material will help keep you protected from injuries in case of a crash.

how much should i spend on motorcycle gear? | bikersrights

moreover, a motorcycle jacket makes you look cool—it’s the most fashionable piece of bike outwear.

not to forget it makes you feel comfortable when riding in various conditions. if riding in cold weather, the jacket will keep you warm. and if riding in rain weather, it’ll keep you dry.

many good quality motorcycle jackets will cost you around $100 to $200. they come in a variety of styles, colors, and a variety of features to make your rides more comfortable.


you’ll also need motorcycle pants to protect your lower half.

don’t get it wrong…we’re not talking about your favorite regular denim jeans here; those won’t protect you in case of an accident.

how much should i spend on motorcycle gear? | bikersrights

cotton pants won’t protect you either.

the best riding pants should be made from strong, abrasion-resistant materials, just like the jacket and gloves.

the best riding pants are usually made from textile (cordura, a fabric that offers insane resistance to abrasion). riding jeans include kevlar for increased abrasion resistance—but still, they won’t offer you the same protection as riding pants.

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overall, the ideal riding pants should be made using leather or textile. they should feature armor in the hips, knees, etc. they should also fit snugly and feel comfortable.

and they should cost you around $100 on the lower end, and $100plus on the higher end.

riding suit

a one-piece is a great choice for the track, but it might not offer you the best in terms of ease of use, comfort, and convenience.

the best riding suit makes you feel like you’re in pajamas as you ride your bike around. and they’re the safest thing you could put on.

how much should i spend on motorcycle gear? | bikersrights

however, it’s worth noting that these suits can cost quite a lot, unless you go the cheap suits way, so you’d like to avoid them unlike you plan to carve canyons or hit the track days on a regular basis.

remember, a riding suit isn’t the perfect piece of outwear for the fashion conscious bikers.

one of the best riding suits ever made, the aerostich roadcrafter, has msrp of $1377. be around to spend as much as this amount of money if you want to get the best motorcycle suit for your rides.


boots also form part of crucial motorcycle gear as they protect your feet when riding your motorcycle. given the high speeds you ride your bike in, it’s important that you keep your ankles, toes, and feet safe in the event of a crash.

how much should i spend on motorcycle gear? | bikersrights

a good pair of boots ought to offer reliable support for your ankle and foot. it should also come with all the inserts and pads for maximum protection and comfort of the rider over long riding distances.

the cost of motorcycle boots can widely vary depending on what you plan to do with your boots, your style preferences, and even the model of your motorcycle.

if you’re on a budget, you can get a decent pair of motorcycle boots for less than $100. professional, high-quality boots will cost you anywhere from 200 all the way up to a few thousand dollars.

other gear you might need:

after spending on the most crucial gear (as outlined above), you might be left with some cash which you can use to get the following gear designed to make your life as a motorcycle rider easier.

  • tinted visor: they do a great
    work at blocking the sun’s glare so you can ride comfortably when the sun is in the horizon.
  • motorcycle comms system: it helps you keep your communication clear and uninterrupted with fellow bikers or your passenger.
  • alarm system: the alarm system helps prevent your motorcycle from getting stolen when you leave it packed in the public or outside your home.
  • not to forget you’ll need motorcycle maintenance gear to make your motorcycle maintenance easier. bikes require regular servicing and maintenance, so you’ll need some equipment such as motorcycle stand, ramp.

should you buy used motorcycle gear?

if you don’t think you can afford the brand new motorcycle gear, you might resort to buying second-hand motorcycle gear.

but is it a great idea?

in our honest opinion, it’s a wise idea to invest in second-hand good quality motorcycle gear instead of buying cheap brand new gear that won’t last or offer you good protection.

so, if you’re on a tight budget and you come across used quality riding suit, leather jacket, guards, etc. at a good price, go for them.

however, we’d caution you against buying secondhand motorcycle helmet! the current user might not be willing to share with you a history of the helmet, including whether it has been involved in accident before.

remember, a helmet is more than the looks. if it gets involved in an accident once, its structural integrity weakens and it becomes less protective.

extra tips to keep in mind when buying motorcycle gear

  • investing in all-weather gear is a good way to save a considerable amount of money in the long run. this is because you won’t need to separately purchase riding gear for various weather conditions as the seasons change.
  • when it comes to wearable motorcycle gear, such as jacket, pants, suits, etc., look for something with great workmanship. double or triple stitching, a good lining, etc., are some of the signs of great workmanship and overall product quality.
  • when purchasing your motorcycle gear, put your safety first. some gear comes designed for user comfort while others com designed foe user safety. go for products made with high-quality components for quality guarantee,

final verdict

when it comes to buying your motorcycle gear, there’s no fixed cost. line any other product, the cost of motorcycle gear greatly varies from model to model. you can choose to go for the low-end gear and save money or you can spend on quality gear that will offer you maximum protection and last long.

whatever you do, we highly advise you against sacrificing quality for money. the few hundreds of bucks you’ll save might not be well worth it when you consider that getting cheaply made gear risks your life. buying all-weather gear will also help you save a significant amount of cash.

overall, you should arm yourself with anywhere from $800 to 1200 for you to get decent motorcycle gear.

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