1. what if i only have light hazing or cloudiness on my car’s headlight. do i need to use the whole kit?

we consider this light headlight lens oxidation.


step 1: start by cleaning the headlight with the lens clarifying compound using a soft cloth to spread and remove the product. it will remove surface oxidation.

step 2: finish with lens clarifying compound and headlight sealing wipe.

step 3: let headlight sealing wipes cure overnight.

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2. what if my headlight lenses are extremely cloudy, will this headlight restoration kit make the headlights look like new?

we consider this condition as a heavily oxidized. the turtle wax headlight lens restorer will greatly improve lens clarity. if the lens is micro-cracked or extremely weathered, it may not return to its original condition, however, lens clarity will be greatly improved. the headlight sealing wipe will also fill in surface imperfections and also improve lens clarity.

3. how long will the clarity last from the turtle wax headlight lens restorer kit?

this depends on the condition, age and amount of sun exposure to the car’s headlights. generally, the restoration will last four to six months before some discoloration returns. however, it will not be as severe and the new oxidation will easily be removed by using the lens clarifying compound.

4. can i use the headlight lens restorer kit on other clear plastics?

yes, the turtle wax headlight lens restorer kit can be used to remove scratches from plexiglass, clear plastic vinyl and other clear acrylic materials. always use the headlight clarifying compound first. if the plastic surface does not improve after application, discontinue use (the plastic may be too soft for this kit).

5. can i reuse the kit on more than one vehicle?

yes. the restoration pads can be used over and over. once the sanding pad surfaces wear out and are no longer effective, it is time to re-purchase the kit.

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6. i still have some scratches i can see, how can i get rid of them?

step 1: if the lenses still have some light visible scratches that are distracting, start by applying the lens clarifying compound with a soft terry towel.

step 2: rub compound in a back and forth motion with firm hand pressure for about a minute.

step 3: let dry and buff. two or three applications may be necessary.

step 4: for heavier scratches, use pads #3 and #4 again with the spray lubricant. follow by applying the lens clarifying compound with a soft terry towel, one or two times.

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