Honda Odyssey Brake Light On Problems

Honda Odyssey Brake Light On Problems
Honda Odyssey owners have reported 11 problems related to brake light on ( under the service brakes category ). The most recently reported issues are listed below. besides please check out the statistics and dependability analysis of Honda Odyssey based on all problems reported for the Odyssey.


Brake Light On problem of the 2007 Honda Odyssey

My vsa light wont go off and now my brake light is on besides im scared my vanguard is going to brake or stop working by rights.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2014 Honda Odyssey

I was driving ( in motion ) on slippery, wet, but icy roads in town. I was only going about 20 miles per hour. Twice, I had to stop slightly faster than I normally would have, but when I started tapping the brakes to slow down and stop, they felt like they locked up on me and it took awhile before I was able to have any “ brake ” feel at all ! the wheel walls, I noticed late have minor space between tire and bicycle rampart, causing coke build-up, which may have caused a problem in the brake ability besides. After this happened a copulate more times throughout the week, my brake detector light warning came on and has stayed on now. But, after I took my vehicle to the car wash and got all the ice rink out of the wheel wells, the brakes are working finely and fluent stopping, still frigid conditions on the road. I think the steering wheel walls do n’t have enough room between the tires and wheel walls. In icy conditions, it seems to be putting dangerous atmospheric pressure on my brake system, when in apparent motion applying the brakes. I was driving directly on a road when all the above occurred.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2012 Honda Odyssey

Vsc light on brakes locked up all 4 wheels can not move ahead or reverse, rear brake lights inoperable, vehicle parked in driveway. When started vsa light came on in daunt. Brakes locked up could not move requiring a tow to Honda dealer in murfreesboro TN.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2011 Honda Odyssey

I formally purchased a used 2011 Honda Odyssey from a local anesthetic Honda franchise on October 5, 2016. Before I left with the new vehicle, the franchise service division replaced both the front and back brake pads on the vehicle ( see attached photos for service/repair invoice dated 10/4/2016 ). On October 7-8, 2016, I drove the car on a state highway in some cragged areas both on a acclivitous and downhill gradient at about 30-50 miles per hour. I noticed that specially when driving on a down slope, when I applied the brakes even slenderly, the car began to perceptibly shudder. The greater the slope of the road, the greater the shiver consequence. I returned with the vehicle to the Honda franchise for another unrelated reason, but inquired about the shudder and asked if during the franchise ‘s condom inspections if any problems related to the brakes had been discovered, since the pads were brand new. The technician at the franchise informed me that the rotors had been warped due to excessive heating system from braking. After I pressed him for more information, he told me that virtually every recently-produced Honda Odyssey ( I. E., models manufactured in the last 5-10 years ) that he had seen come through the service division experienced a similar heave problem after about every 30,000-40,000 miles drive. In his opinion, the rotors installed in Honda Odysseys were actually a lot besides belittled ( I. E., they did not have adequate surface sphere ) to be able to withstand the high amounts of heat caused by the big brakes required for the relatively larger model of vehicle ( the van ). He went equally far as to tell me that he was accustomed to installing larger-than-recommended rotors in some of his customers ‘ vans to try and avoid the problem. He said he would n’t be surprised if a echo would be forthcoming on the rotors. I would like to request an investigation on these rotors to initiate such a recall.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2003 Honda Odyssey

The reach owns a 2003 Honda Odyssey. The vehicle was repaired according to NHTSA campaign act : 04v176000 ( might train ), which experienced heat build-up between the counter diaphysis and secondary shaft second gears in the automatic transmission. The vehicle began to move lento when transitioning from moment to third gear gears prior to the repair. Once the vehicle was repaired, the failure recurred and the fomite began to jerk when in moment gear when or while driving 22 miles per hour or higher. The vehicle would besides emmit a whining sound under the hood of the fomite. The brake warning light, the personal computer warning unhorse, and the locomotive warning light illuminated. The contact returned the vehicle to the dealer who stated that the vehicle needed to be diagnosed a moment time and the vehicle would no longer receive a rectify under the recall. The reach had the fomite diagnosed by two certifiable mechanics who stated the transmittance failed, causing malfunctions when in second gearing. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not made mindful of the failures. The approximate bankruptcy mileage was 89,000.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2008 Honda Odyssey

On i69e heading north at 65 miles per hour after cresting an overpass mound, fomite stopped in in-between lane no brake lights alight, hit brake bicycle to stop but the brakes never reacted as normal. Push the bracken pedal adenine hard as I could but the tires never squealed on the dry requital. unable to change lanes due to other traffic and ended up hitting stopped fomite silent going about 20mph. $ 2,700 damage to my Odyssey and other car had dense rear damage.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2008 Honda Odyssey

On 09/07/14, was involved in a 4 cable car accident. Traveling westbound on path 60, near i605, light traffic at approx. 3:45 autopsy. # 1 lane was close, due to fwy work/maintenance. Saw signs and proceeded to move from the # 1 lane to the # 2 lane, while in the # 2 lane noticed the flaunt arrow for the lane closure. I estimate I slowed to about 60 miles per hour, since dealings was merging, car in front was approx. 6-7 cars length ahead, when I saw brake lights from the cable car ahead of me and they had come to a complete diaphragm. Which appeared to be from an accident. I immediately applied the brakes hard to stop, but could not stop in fourth dimension. Ended up hitting the vehicle in from lightly, possibly about 5-10 miles per hour at time of impact. Based upon the outdistance from the car ahead, I should have been able to stop our vehicle. Did not feel like the anti-lock brake system was working, felt no pulse or push back in the pedal point and cable car appeared to skid/slide into the cable car ahead. I found a recall notice for the anti-lock brakes, which stated that air can enter the system and affect the vehicle braking arrangement. never received any recall notification from Honda about this and I believe the fautly brake system was a factor in our evitable incident. Another car hit us from behind and the driver was injured very ill .


Brake Light On problem of the 2010 Honda Odyssey

I got into the car with my children on Jan 3rd at approximately 11:30 am. As we were approaching the highway on-ramp, the car abruptly stopped ( brake ) for absolutely no reason while I had my infantry on the accelerator ! I made a u-turn to get away from the on-ramp and go home. The car was not driving good. The car slowed/stopped 2 more times. I was on my street, when the “ brakes went out ”. I coasted into my driveway. Smoke began billowing out of front wheel wells. When I was turning off the ignition, the vsa light came on. I did n’t know if the car was on fire, so I rushed my kids out of the cable car and called 911. The fire department arrived while the car was placid smoking, hot, and smelling. I had car towed. The franchise called and was going to get Honda involved. They could not see any problems and could n’t duplicate the consequence. My service adviser said that the cable car was “ drivable ”, but did n’t feel comfortable letting me take it. I said that I did n’t feel comfortable taking it because I can ? t entrust its guard. January 5- I have been doing a bunch of research about a identical holocene recall on this exact problem. There is a problem with a yaw detector telling the vsa organization to engage while the cable car is accelerating without the brake lights turning on. now it all makes sense ! the merely problem is that my car is not named in this recall. only 2007-2008 Honda Odyssey owners were notified. I have a 2010. According to the documents, Honda does not have the parts to fix the trouble, but will explain to owners what to do in sheath this sudden fillet occurs. I am dumbfounded ! there is not a prospect that my children and I will get into that car with “ instructions ” in the event this happens again. It seems that the problem is not contained to 2007-2008 models. It is quite obvious that Honda needs to expand its initial recall. I think they should be warned about this potentially baneful problem.

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Brake Light On problem of the 2008 Honda Odyssey

The vsa faint has been on and off for about two weeks, but user manual says it is approve for “ normal drive ”. When I was driving about 40-45 miles per hour, the vsa lights was on. I kept driving normally. then we I tried to apply brake to slow down, the brake easy turned on. After I released the brake, the car seemed to give brake on itself even harder. It happened many times during the past few weeks and this fourth dimension I decidedly felt it .


Brake Light On problem of the 2007 Honda Odyssey

The contact owns a 2007 Honda Odyssey. The contact stated that while traveling 35 miles per hour, the brakes engaged independently and the brake lights failed to illuminate. The fomite was moved to the shoulder. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where the failure could not be replicated. The vehicle was not repaired. The bankruptcy recurred several times after the initial failure. The manufacturer was contacted about the problem. The failure mileage was 15,000 and the current mileage was 29,000 .


Brake Light On problem of the 2005 Honda Odyssey

I barely purchased a 2005 Honda Odyssey about a month ago, it presently has 500 miles on it. stopping point week, the ab, vsa, and brake light came on. I had it towed into the koons Honda franchise in manassas for repair. I was notified that the vsa control unit was bad, however they could not repair it because the separate is on indefinite backorder from Honda. They stated that they had no estimate if the contribution would take day, weeks, or months to get in. The did express that my car was ‘safe ‘ to drive, however it would not have abs, vsa, braking help, or grip control until the vsa faculty is replaced. This does not reflect ‘safe ‘ in my eyes, particularly given the weather we are supposed to have tomorrow. Could this not pose some type of indebtedness issue for Honda if there was an accident that could have possibly been prevented if the condom features were active. I asked the franchise if there was any problems getting modern Odysseys for sale and they said ‘no ‘, that they had a regular run of them coming in. So Honda, obviously prioritizes that the vsa control units are first slated for new vehicles, and has not allocated enough for potential issues on sold vehicles. I have contact Honda through there 1-800 number and the case has been escalated to a call coach that I am waiting to hear from.

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