How to Check Brake Fluid

How to Check Brake Fluid
It goes without saying that your car ’ randomness brakes are one of its most essential components that must be in good working orderliness at all times. In addition to scheduling brake service at all of the recommend intervals, learning how to check brake fluid at base can help you stay on top of the overall circumstance of your brakes. In the lead below, the Hyundai Inland Empire service center field provides everything you need to know so you can continue driving safely in Redlands .

What is Brake Fluid, and What Does it Do?

Put simply, brake fluent is a hydraulic fluent that facilitates the movement of the brake pedal. But that ’ s not the only crucial function bracken fluid plays – it besides acts as a lubricant for the brake system and helps prevent damage corrosion. Most vehicles use a brake fluid that is glycol-ether based, but there are other brake fluids on the market that are silicone-based ( DOT-5 ) or mineral oil-based ( LHM ). If you ’ rhenium diffident what type of brake fluid your vehicle requires, your owner ’ south manual should have the answer.

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Learn How to Check Brake Fluid in 3 Steps

  1. Under the hood, locate the brake fluid reservoir on the master cylinder. If needed, your owner’s manual should contain a description or diagram that shows you where to look. 
  2. There will be “minimum” and “maximum” markers on the outside of the brake fluid reservoir. Use these indicators to check the brake fluid level – if it’s near the minimum line, you’ll know it’s time for brake fluid replacement or service. 
  3. While you’re checking the fluid level, ask yourself this question: What color is the brake fluid? A dark brown or black color with an oil-like appearance indicates a need for a full-on brake fluid flush. 

Why Change Brake Fluid?

There are several good reasons to change your cable car ’ s brake fluid regularly :

  • Brake fluid draws moisture, which can corrode your brakes if left unattended.
  • Over time, brake fluid can become riddled with contaminants that can damage the brake system.
  • When your car’s ABS (anti-lock braking system) and traction control are enabled, they generate heat. The heat can have a negative effect on your brake fluid’s quality.

What Color is Brake Fluid?

When it has been impertinently replaced, brake fluid is about clear with a trace of yellow. What color is brake fluid as it ages and picks up contaminants ? It will finally turn to a colored brown or total darkness color that more closely resemble anoint, at which point it should be replaced .

How Often to Check Brake Fluid

You don ’ t want to run into unexpected brake issues in San Bernardino, so it ’ second best to check the brake fluent at least once per year. Brake fluid can typically go 4 – 5 years before it needs to be replaced, but it might need to be replaced sooner based on the make and model of your car, driving conditions, and your driving habits .

Schedule Brake Service at Hyundai Inland Empire

If you ’ re struggling with how to check brake fluid, Hyundai Inland Empire can help ! Our service center field is handily located near Highland. Contact us or schedule an appointment on-line to get started today, and be certain to review our avail specials therefore you don ’ thyroxine miss out on a great opportunity to save on sustenance !

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