Trouble Getting Pressure to Brakes

Trouble Getting Pressure to Brakes
By Right Stuff Customer

I purchased a slotted, drilled power disk brake conversion kit for my 56 Bel Aire through a dealer last form in Charlotte. I have installed the kit and bled it. The rear brakes detention pressure but the front man side will not bleed. We have checked everything, pumped the pedal about 1,000 times and even “ pressure bled ” it. It doesnt seem to have any pressure coming out of the front side of the overlord cylinder as weve flush tried loosening the telephone line at the master cylinder and dont get any pressure. My founder is an ASE certified mechanic who has been a gram mechanic for over 30 years and hes vitamin a complicate as I am. It seems as if we have a defective headmaster cylinder. I looked for answers on your technical school page but only got some calculator script. If you could contact me american samoa soon as possible that would be great. You can email me back or call me at ( 336 ) ***-****. Thanks, Jason


Hi Jason, regretful to hear that you are having this issue. Please follow these steps to identify the problem.

1. Bench bleed the master cylinder ( off the car, in a frailty ). If you do not get a good hang of fluid out of either port, then you have a bad master cylinder.

2. If the headmaster cylinder bled by rights off of the car, put the master cylinder on the cable car and bleed it again using the same clear hemophiliac tubes. If the headmaster cylinder bled off of the car but does not once it is installed on the car, then there has to be a problem with the linkage between the pedal point and the overcome cylinder. The most common emergence is the gat that comes out of the battlefront of the brake booster and pushes the piston of the master cylinder. ( NOT the booster rod that goes to the pedal, the antonym side. ) This perch is frequently slenderly besides long and causes a pre load on the master cylinder. This pre load generally prevents fluid from flowing properly out of one of the headmaster cylinder ports. This booster perch should be about touching the piston of the overcome cylinder, but not actually making contact. This is frequently a very small preload of about a 1/4 ”. If you are uncertain if this is your issue, try putting a pair of 3/8 ” chummy horseshoe washers between the booster and master ( temporarily ) and see if the victor cylinder starts to bleed properly.

3. If the overlord cylinder distillery pushes good fluid out of both ports after being installed on the car, connect the two lines from the master cylinder to combination valve. once connected, remove a line that leads to the part of the car you are having a problem getting fluid to. ( front or rear ) and press the pedal once. Reconnect the brake line while continuing to hold the bracken pedal down to prevent air out from being pulled rear through the valve.

4. If fluid is flowing by rights out of both ports of the passkey cylinder ( which we tested in step 2 ), but not making it through the valve, then most likely you will have to contact us to get a surrogate valve. You can try to open the bleeders in the character of the organization that is getting good fluid and jam the bicycle hard one time. sometimes this will recenter the valve. Ex. If you are having perturb getting fluid to the front brakes, open both of the rear bleeders and jam the bicycle hard one time. Be certain to keep the pedal pushed down until both bleeders are closed .

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