i changed the left low beam bulb and it still wont work. …

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kj g

on april 16, 2016

the left low beam bulb blew out. after replacing the bulb, the low beam still wont work.

my car has a manual transmission.

the headlights on the vehicle are hid or high intensity discharge lights and use a different wiring set up from traditional lighting used for years. your left and right lights are powered by separate power circuits to keep from overheating the wiring and from having both lights from failing if one circuit fails.

if only your left headlight is not working then try to turn on the high beam and see if both headlights work on high beam. if both work then check fuse #26 and left low beam relay in the engine compartment fuse box. either the fuse is blown from the last bulb or the relay is burned out from the last bulb.

if the light still does not work then the smart junction box inside the vehicles left ’a’ pilar may be bad and would need to be checked. if you don’t feel comfortable doing these tests, a certified technician from yourmechanic can come to your home or office to inspect your light’s electrical wiring and make the correct repair.

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