Technology That Can Reduce Driving Distractions and Their Dangers

Technology That Can Reduce Driving Distractions and Their Dangers
Apple iOS 11
” This latest operate system includes a Do not Disturb While Driving mode ( DND ) that can block presentment of incoming calls and texts when your iPhone senses driving motion or is connected to a car via Bluetooth. ( It doesn ’ thyroxine pulley functions that work through Apple ’ s CarPlay system, such as music and navigation. ) The DND have can mechanically send a text reply that says you ’ rhenium drive and will reply belated. Phone calls are allowed if the iPhone is connected via Bluetooth .
AT&T DriveMode
This free app is activated when your car reaches 15 miles per hour. It blocks textbook alerts, which can tempt you to check your earphone, and it can send automatic textbook replies. Parents can program the app to notify them when it has been turned off .
CellControl DriveID
Users ( largely parents ) pay a erstwhile energizing fee ( $ 39.95 ) and a monthly fee ( starting at $ 7.95 ) for a device that attaches to the windshield and works with an app to block drivers from sending or receiving text messages. It can besides block electronic mail and smartphone cameras. Consumer Reports tried the system and liked its easy facility. We besides liked that multiple devices can be paired and that passenger smartphones can be excluded. Driving behavior—such as acceleration, brake, and speed—can besides be monitored .
This app is designed to read incoming textbook messages and electronic mail loudly for drivers so they keep their eyes on the road. The product web site says users can hear messages without touching their call. Some car manufacturer documentary systems besides offer the same built-in engineering.

This Android-based app can read text messages aloud. It besides integrates some of your favorite apps and functions, such as those for programming music and navigation, and creates an interface with your smartphone that the company says is less distracting .
Drive Safe Mode
This app allows parents to track their teens ’ in-car phone custom. To use the service, create an report, download the app for Android or iPhone, and sync the telephone to be tracked. According to the company, parents can get an immediate presentment if their adolescent is texting ; on Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter ; or using any other mobile app while the car is in gesticulate.

This Android-based app can block incoming text messages and calls while it ’ s turned on. Like similar services, users can set up an automated answer to incoming text messages or earphone calls. A parent receives a textbook message whenever the app is turned on or off as a means to monitor its use. According to the product web site,, a police veteran came up with the app mind. It costs $ 1.99 to download.

The phone godhead offers a adaptation of an Android distracted-driving app, called In-Traffic Reply. It allows users to set automatic pistol replies to incoming calls or text messages. The app senses car motion using the earphone ’ mho GPS. Samsung says users can choose a default option reply or a “ fun, animated reaction, ” or create a message .
Sprint Drive First
This Android app, only for Sprint customers, routes incoming calls to voicemail and silences email and textbook alerts when a vehicle reaches 10 miles per hour. exit and 911 emergency buttons on the home shield of a lock device allow users to override the app .
Verizon Driving Mode
This feature, which can be turned on from Verizon ’ s Android messaging app, blocks texts and can send automated messages .

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