What is the mystery liquid that drips from your car?

What is the mystery liquid that drips from your car?
ThinkstockPhotos Have you ever walked out to your cable car in the dawn and found a strange pond of fluent underneath ? That mystery liquid can be quite disconcerting, and it may flush make you fearful of getting in your cable car and driving away. so, it ’ s of extreme importance that you are able to identify that foreign pool of melted for what it is. fortunately, most fluid leaks from underneath your cable car will be one of merely a few. I put together this tilt of the most common fluid leaks to help you make an educate guess and, therefore, an educated decision as to what you should do next to get it taken manage of .

Engine Coolant or Antifreeze

The most obvious sign that you have an engine coolant leak is the color of the liquid itself. Most antifreeze is fleeceable, bright k actually, though it is besides sold in pinks and oranges. The coolant besides has a chummy, about sticky palpate to it, if you were to rub it between your fingers. This one is easy to identify and to fix. Remember that fixing a leak in your coolant system is much cheaper than replacing an stallion engine that seizes up because it overheats on the road.


The easiest manner to identify if that mysterious liquid is gasoline is to take a big puff. Yes, gasoline has a very classifiable smell and can be identified identical well by its smell. Though it sounds serious, a accelerator leak is a fairly easy and cheap localization. But be careful, any flatulence leak is potentially life threatening if not taken care of immediately.


oil can be slippery to identify as it changes tinge over time. New anoint is often bolshevik in semblance or possibly a corrode discolor, whereas old vegetable oil becomes brown or even black. It is natural for an engine to leak some petroleum, therefore don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate choke justly away, but if your car is leaking a considerable sum of oil, it is something to worry approximately. A big leak is credibly the resultant role of a collapse gasket or ailing fitted petroleum percolate .

Brake Fluid

Brake fluent is yellow in semblance and has an oily tactile property to it. Often mistaken for an vegetable oil leak, a brake fluid leak is much immediately recognized by a driver when he or she tries to come to a broad arrest. Often the brake pedal will go further to the shock than normal before the brakes catch and stop the vehicle .

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