Japan made vs American Made Corolla Parts

japan assembled cars built for the international and us market, are not a right hand drive car
and so the headlights are adjusted specifically for left hand drive/us market.
right hand drive corolla would be a different story.

i suggest seeking professional assistance to check headlamp alignment.
especially if you lack the proper tools and know how.
done properly

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it will be certified

and meet the criteria of all local law enforcement.

most aftermarket headlamps will be close to factory settings…
but can sometimes become maladjusted during shipment.

i have a 2010 japan assembled corolla.
it shares with the international market for the majority of things.
but is mandated to apply with us standards, in order to be sold in the usa.

i have found that some part #’s vary between us assembly and japan assembly.
most probably due to the parts sourcing of where it was assembled.

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some things are obvious to the eye, such as the physical markings on the control stalks which have international markings.
whereas the us market (assembled us) has those control stalk markings labeled in english.

but what is often different is the electronic components – sensors and where those are placed.
generally a us assembly plant uses a different vendor source then do japan assembled cars.

what will cross over… i cannot say for sure.
but it may have something to do with different electric components and sourcing.
cross over occurs with other toyota models as well. but some model e components are not compatible, nor cross over..

if it’s a corolla assembled in japan, built for the us market and some other international countries.
most broader components and hardware should be compatible.
but that’s not always the case for smaller e components – sensors utilized.


when i went to add a relay for the intermittent wiper/fog control stalk(s) i was installing…
the relay and its block placement were not the same as was the us assembled corolla.
could be the the relay itself was the same… but the relay block was different and did not utilize the same layout – positioning.

so tho’ broader components and hardware may not be as critical or specific.

some of the smaller e components could be.

i’d suggest checking compatibility by using your vin# for verification when ordering or looking for a cross reference.

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i replaced my original headlights with some blacked out s model headlamps purchased on ebay.

i had no issue installing those and ebay listed them as being compatible.

most any decent auto parts establishment should be able to utilize the vin# for verification as to compatibility.

some component sources like takata air bags apply to the majority of corolla.

and so i wasn’t lucky enough to escape the takata air bag recall. :cursin:

but my recall is only for the passenger side air bag…

whereas some us assembled corolla may require a recall for both driver and passenger side air bags.

go to the nhtsa site and enter your vin# to check for any recalls that may pertain to your corolla.

or call your local dealership (service) and give them your vin# to check for that recall information.


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