Kawasaki Ninja 400 Insurance

Kawasaki Ninja 400 Insurance

the kawasaki ninja 400 is the successor to the beloved ninja 300.  introduced in 2018, the 399cc parallel twin makes 49 horsepower and weighs nearly 18 pounds less than its predecessor, despite the larger, more powerful engine. the bike offers a slipper clutch as standard and beefier forks, wheels, and chassis for improved cornering stability.

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since its inception in the early eighties, the ninja series has been at the sharp end of the supersport world, offering track-bred race replicas with the latest performance technology. while the ninja 400 is not as powerful as some of its larger siblings, some insurers classify it as a supersport, which can be expensive to insure. for this reason, it’s important to compare rate quotes before you buy a policy.

ninja 400 insurance rates

insurance rates vary widely based on an extensive range of factors, which include not only the make/model of the bike, but the rider’s age, driving record, county of residence, credit score, and chosen deductible and coverage. that makes it difficult to determine what your rate will be. however, we gathered sample rates from a variety of real ninja 400 owners to give you a notion of what to expect.

  • male, fresno (ca), dairyland, full coverage:  $360 / year
  • male, tulsa (ok), dairyland, full coverage + roadside:  $362 / year
  • male, minneapolis (mn), dairyland:  $408 / year. (saved $600 / year switching from geico!)
  • male, san francisco (ca), usaa, full coverage:  $336 / year (multi-vehicle discount.)
  • male, manhattan (ny), state farm, full coverage:  $330 / year
  • male, lakemore (oh), state farm, full coverage:  $216 / year
  • male, kalamazoo (mi), dairyland, full coverage:  $550 / year
  • male, texas, allstate, full coverage:  $229 / year
  • male, virginia, dairyland, full coverage:  $320 / year

as you can see, most riders are paying around $300-$400 per year ($25-$33 per month) to insure their ninja 400.  this is mainly for full coverage, which includes comprehensive and collision coverage. a liability-only policy could be less expensive, but this is only open to owners who have not financed their bikes, as banks and lenders require you to carry full coverage.

also, it’s clear that shopping for the best rate is crucial. multiple owners reported saving significant amounts by switching companies or comparing rates before they bought. some of them were quoted yearly premiums in excess of $1000, and at least one rider is saving over $50 per month after switching insurers.

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ninja 400 history

the ninja 400 hit american shores in late 2017. the bike is the next incarnation of the ninja 300, which was having some difficulty meeting european emissions standards. as compared to its predecessor, the ninja 400 has 103cc more displacement, 10 more horsepower, 3cm lower seat height, and weighs 17.6 pounds less. what’s more, larger forks and stiffer wheels make for better cornering stability and the clutch pull is 20% lighter than before.

the bike has a steel trellis frame with the engine as a
worryed member, which accounts for some of the weight savings. the styling recalls that of the ninja zx-10r, including the chin spoiler and livery, and the new, larger engine punches above its weight. says cycle news:

“the 400 motor is one that should be enjoyable to any level of rider—whereas the 300 was lacking the excitement more experienced riders craved, now the 399cc parallel-twin has the right mix of outright performance and everyday usability.”

the bike competes directly with other entry-level sport bikes like the honda cbr500 and yamaha r3.

kawasaki ninja 400 coverage recommendations

most states mandate that you carry at minimum amount of liability coverage. as you may know, a liability policy only coveres the damages you cause in an accident — not any damage to your bike.

for this reason, if you finance your bike, most lenders require you to carry full coverage. this can be different things in different states, but it generally means you carry both collision and comprehensive coverage.

we generally recommend that you carry as much coverage as you can comfortably afford, as a single static drop in a parking lot can result in hundreds of dollars worth of damage, given the expensive plastics that clad the ninja 400. fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your coverage affordable.

keeping your rates low

motorcycle safety course

taking a basic or experienced rider course like those offered by the motorcycle safety foundation (msf-usa.org) could not only teach you life-saving riding skills, but translate to a savings of 15% on your annual or monthly premium.

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good student discounts

the ninja 400 has been especially popular among college and graduate students. if you have a gpa of 4.0 or higher, most insurers will give you a significant discount — often referred to as a “good student discount.”

no speeding!

this should be a no-brainer, but keeping your speed low and your driving record clean of citations will have a huge impact.

compare rates

the best way to keep your premiums low is to comparison-shop for the best rate. fortunately, we’ve made it easy to compare quotes from multiple companies. enter your zip code to begin!

ninja 400 coverage

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