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what headlight bulb for vw gti mk6

a complete bulb list for the mk6 golf.

bulb location

bulb type

front indicator 5202a amber
low “dipped” beam (halogen) h7 55w
high “full” beam (halogen) h15 55w
low / high  beam (hid) d1s 35w
position “parker” light t10 / w5w / 501 5w
front fog light (non – gti) hb4 51w
front fog light (gti) h8 35w
glove box t10 / w5w / 501 5w
vanity mirror 36mm festoon 1w
front map lights t10 / w5w / 501 5w
door mirror “courtesy” light t10 / w5w / 501 5w
stepwell lights t15 / w16w / 921 9w
centre dome 36mm festoon 1w
boot automobilego light 41mm festoon 1w
rear indicators t20a / w21w / 7440a 21w
rear position light t15 / w16w / 921 9w
brake light (non – r) t15 / w16w / 921 9w
rear position light (golf r) factory proprietary
centre brake light factory proprietary
license plate t10 / w5w / 501 5w
reverse light t20 / w21w / 7440 21w

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