Motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jacket

A good motorcycle jacket ensures that you are initially protected if you possibly make a slide. Something you never hope for but can naturally occur.

There are different types of motorcycle jackets, both leather motorcycle jackets and textile motorcycle jackets.


Textile motorcycle jacket

A textile motorcycle jacket used to be suitable for all seasons, but now a whole range of textile motorcycle jackets has been added, the materials have also improved and there is more choice in textile motorcycle jackets.

Waterproof motorcycle jacket with a Z-Liner:

Suitable for driving throughout the year. Usually equipped with a removable thermal liner.

The waterproof membrane in these motorcycle jackets is between the outer fabric and the inner lining of the jacket.

This is the cheapest way to waterproof motorcycle jackets.

Benefits of the Z-Liner:

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  • Flexible to wear.
  • Producing cheaper.
  • Good insulating capacity due to the extra layer.

Cons Z-Liner:

  • The outer fabric of the jacket simply absorbs moisture, so the motorcycle jacket can feel damp and colder when wet.
  • Leaking motorcycle jacket when it is hung wet, so it loses a lot of water when hanging up at home.
  • Longer drying time

Laminated waterproof motorcycle jackets:

With laminated motorcycle jackets the waterproof membrane is laminated to the outer fabric, this is a fairly expensive production process and you will only find this with the more expensive motorcycle jackets.

Benefits laminated motorcycle jacket:

  • The outer material absorbs almost no moisture.
  • No damp and / or cold feeling when it gets wet.
  • The motorcycle clothing dries quickly, no more puddles of water after hanging.
  • In the more expensive brands often also good ventilation options (which are almost useless with a Z-Liner)

Cons laminated motorcycle jacket:

  • Usually a bit stiffer in the beginning.
  • Slightly colder during the winter, however, this is easily solved by thermal clothing.

The so-called 3 in 1 textile motorcycle jacket:

This is also waterproof, windproof and breathable and also has a removable thermal lining. As an extra with this type you can also remove the waterproof membrane from the motorcycle jacket or motorcycle pants so that it ventilates even more and better in extremely hot weather.

Advantages of 3 in 1 motorcycle jackets:

  • 4 seasons clothing, from very cold to very warm
  • Membrane removable and easy to carry for an unexpected rain shower.
  • Lots of ventilation with all liners out.

Cons 3 in 1 motorcycle jackets:

  • Because of the many layers, this motorcycle clothing is often (too) spacious when all linings are out.
  • Outer fabric absorbs water and thus lining the clothing itself.
  • Can feel cold and damp when wet.

Ventilated textile motorcycle jacket:

This is usually the real summer motorcycle clothing, not waterproof, not windproof and no thermal lining. Equipped with Mesh panels that provide extra ventilation during the hot summer days.

Advantages of ventilated motorcycle clothing:

  • Great during the hot summer days.
  • Lots of ventilation.
  • Nice and smooth to wear.

Disadvantages ventilated motorcycle clothing:

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  • Rain gear needed in case of a sudden rain shower.

Leather motorcycle jacket

Leather motorcycle jackets has declined a little in trend in recent years, whereas in the past every sporty motorcyclist wanted a leather motorcycle jacket, this trend has now turned slightly into the more casual trend.

With the rise of motorcycle jeans and casual, retro leather motorcycle jackets, this has completely changed.

Most leather motorcycle clothing is not waterproof and actually suitable for the summer!

Leather Casual / Retro Motorcycle Jacket:

That is a trend today, a tough leather motorcycle jacket that looks very casual and / or very retro. Often made of supple leather, sometimes with a light thermal lining. Obviously provided with the necessary CE protection.

Leather sporty motorcycle jacket:

Sporty leather motorcycle clothing is often a lot tighter than the casual / retro story. Often the sporty motorcycle jackets and pants are also made of less supple cowhide and only really fit after a few good rides. The sporty leather motorcycle jacket is of course provided with CE Protection on the shoulders and elbows, in most cases the back is optional.

Leather tour motorcycle jacket:

We are also seeing a shift in this segment, more towards the retro / casual side.

Usually the fit of the tour motorcycle jacket is less tight than the sporty motorcycle clothing, the jackets sometimes have a removable thermal lining.

There are also more and more waterproof leather motorcycle jackets for sale, however, the question is whether this is really necessary, the advantage is that the clothing is waterproof, the disadvantage, however, is that leather dries very slowly and that during the warmer summer days it is also used again becomes very warm because the clothing is waterproof and windproof.