Car dies when letting off the gas. What is really going on?

Car dies when letting off the gas. What is really going on?
I have read some of the discussions here, and I have googled other discussions about it on early forums, but it didn ’ t seem like there was a authoritative solution or suffice to the situations that were most similar to mine. I regard people would post back the result if they get their problems solved or not .
I have a 1999 Camry. I barely spent $ 1250 ( half of it borrowed ) to have some basic maintenance, diagnosis, and serious repair work done. More than half of the serious ( translate : expensive ) work involved replacing a charcoal case shot and installing a thermostat. The check locomotive light had been on for at least 10 years. And I had a gasoline pump problem by way of the pump shutting off after only pumping a few cents worth of natural gas. gratuitous to say it was a royal PIA to fuel up my cable car. deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as the check engine light, a supporter would clear the code so I could have it inspected .
then more than 2 years a shop took out my thermostat because a hose had sprung a leak and they rigged up a impermanent hose until they could order the character. I never went back because I couldn ’ t afford it. I know it wouldn ’ t have been a terribly expensive repair, but at the time it was more than I could afford. So for about 3 years I have driven with out a thermostat and besides couldn ’ thyroxine get it audit .
fortunately I was last able to get the necessary repair on my car–replacing the charcoal case shot and thermostat–so that it could be inspected. I picked the car up yesterday and everything felt fine and the car ran ticket.

today I drove it about 12 miles from my home, made 3 back-to-back errand stops of not more than 15-20 minutes each and everything seemed ticket. nothing felt or sounded out of the ordinary. then when I was leaving my 3rd barricade, the car would not start unless I gave it natural gas. And it wouldn ’ thymine stay started unless I gave it gas. In other words, the car would go, but adenine soon as I would take my infantry off the gas to press the brake to put it in gear, the engine would die. There was no trouble restarting it american samoa long as I gave it gas, but I could not let off the accelerator at all or it would immediately die. The car would go fair fine, but if I let off the natural gas for any reason, even if I was driving 40 miles an hour on the street and let up completely off on the accelerator, the revolutions per minute would immediately drop to 0 and the engine would immediately die—no noise, no shutter, no nothing—just fail. This trouble occured about the whole 12 miles back to my home. then when I got about a mile and a half away, it went back to behaving completely normal and did not die when I let off the boast .
Of course, I will check back with the repair shop, but I would truly appreciate some advice and a bite of a heads up on the potential problem and cost. I don ’ t have much left to work with and this trouble is importantly dangerous for the distance I have to drive to work each day .
Sorry this is such a retentive post. Thanks !

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