21 People Share Unbelievable Stories of Exes Who Caused Major Destruction As Breakup Revenge

21 People Share Unbelievable Stories of Exes Who Caused Major Destruction As Breakup Revenge
She Went To Jail For All Of Her Destruction “ I dated a womanhood for 3 years. Let ‘s call her Lisa. We lived together. Grew apart. I thought the separation went fairly smoothly. I agreed to pay for the apartment for the remainder of the lease ( about a month and a one-half ), and I went to stay with my band mates .
I came back a few days subsequently, to grab some of my things, and the wholly apartment was wrecked. She ripped all of the pages out of my textbooks, burned them in a pan can, and scattered the ashes all over the couch. All of my DVDs were shattered and placed neatly second inside their cases and on the shelf. She wrote vulgarities all over my paintings, slashed them, emptied my paint tubes on the floor, and cut the bristles off of my brushes. I did n’t cheat or lie. The others are up for argument. She took a mallet to my gambling personal computer, the fat grey Gameboy I ‘ve had since I was 8, my NES and SNES, all of my dally, some flower pots that once housed some in truth nice shrubberies, and both of my cameras. My amusing record collection was ripped to shreds. My clothes were cut into ribbons. My N64 and Wii and all of the games were missing ( likely pawned ). She smashed my glass desk. The cats went unfed, and she left a crap in the toilet .
The cops came and told me that there was nothing they could do for me. Because we had lived together for thus long, they were her things excessively and she was surely allowed to destroy her own property.

The landlord was adjacent. He changed the locks and struck her identify off of the lease. All of her things were already moved out, so we both assumed she was n’t coming back. My brother came over the adjacent day to help me move the rest of my things. Bed, furniture, washer/dryer, etc. We were closely done when Lisa shows back up screaming obscenities. She put a few dents in my brother ‘s truck while telling him how much of a cunt my mother is for not aborting us. then, she tried to get inside to get some more of her things ( nothing she owned was in there anymore ) and farther lost it when her key did n’t function. She punched me in the boldness and started hitting me with her fabulously dense purse.

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My buddy called the cops and let her know that they were on the way. Cops arrived, she was gone. Their immediate chemical reaction to the domestic dispute call was that I was the regretful guy, so I ended up in cuffs while they looked for Lisa. After they realized that my eye was swollen exclude and Lisa was nowhere to be seen, they started listening to my brother and I. He showed them the dents in his truck. I showed them my inactive wrecked apartment. One of them got a good joke out of the situation. They took pictures and a affirmation and left. I sported a black eye at exercise and class for the adjacent week or therefore .
Fast forward a couple of weeks belated. It ‘s the last day of my lease. I ‘m sleeping on a mat on the deck. The alone things left in my apartment are a few lamps, a television, a microwave, a backpack full of some clothes a buy over the last few weeks, and my cats. It ‘s 2 AM when I start getting drink in textbook from Lisa. ‘I love you ! Let ‘s get back together ‘ … The usual. I ignore all of them and try to get some sleep. At 3 AM, I get a knock on the door. ‘Hey, open up. This is my apartment besides ‘. I tell her to f — k off. then I hear a much, much deeper voice. ‘Open the farad — -ing door or I ‘ll kick it in ‘. Before I get a probability to respond, the dandy is already trying to kick in my door. I grab my backpack and coal-black out the back. I called the collar as I left, but I did n’t stick around to see what happened .
When I return the adjacent sidereal day, there are a few giant footprints in the battlefront door ( it ‘s one of those big steel ones ), and the doorway frame is broken. She has smashed all of my lamps and the television receiver, pissed on my pillow and mat, dumped all of my food out on the floor, spread kitty litter throughout the apartment, and smeared guy second — metric ton on the walls. She besides let out or stole all of the cats. I got a call from her mother a few days former pleading with me to not press charges. I told her it was out of my hands. The collar had taken pictures and Lisa was going to be arrested and charged whether or not I wanted it to happen. I did. last I heard, she spent a calendar month in imprison, paid a $ 5000 fine, and had to sit through anger management classes for 6 months. good ejection. ”

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