NewYall Pack of 2 80mm Headlight Dust Cover Cap Rubber Seal with 20mm Hole : Car & Motorbike

3.0 out of 5 stars not quite oem for a 2006 honda cr-v (even though it’s listed), but works with small modification.

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reviewed in the united states on 18 november 2020

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if you look at the photo for this product juxtaposed against the oem 33126-s0a-003, you’ll see that this product has an extra rubber “lip’ around the outside. at first, i tried to install the product as is by making that extra lip fit around the outermost part of the housing, but then i realized that the ring for the housing on a 2006 honda cr-v doesn’t go all the way around; instead of being a complete circle, it’s more of a half or 3/4 circle.

following a hunch and kind of looking at the design, i took a pair of cheap kitchen scissors and essentially just cut the extra lip of this product off, and slowly stretched the small remaining flange over the inner housing of the bulb compartment, like the oem product. took a a few moments of patience of getting one side on, and then the other, and then two more corners, etc. until the entire dust cover was correctly seated and tight, but it got done.

just gently press the connector relay onto the pins when you’re done – the rubber squishes inwards and doesn’t adversely impact anything.

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solid 3 stars – for about 30 seconds of work i saved $5 on each dust cover, and in the end things lined up and fit in a way that was at least usable.

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