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the nissan altima is a mid-size car that has remained one of the best-selling cars in north america. the altima nameplate was introduced in 1992 and has undergone several refreshes over the years.

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by 2015, the nissan altima had sold more than 3.6 million units in the u.s. since it was introduced in 2002. it’s a midsize 4-door sedan powered by a 2.5-liter l i4 engine that gives 182 hp.

its great fuel economy and smooth handling are thanks to its continuously variable transmission (cvt). the nameplate is set to go out of production after the 2017 model year.

like many modern cars, the altima is equipped with headlight bulbs that are designed to last a long time. however, this does not mean they will not stop working eventually.

there are various reasons why a headlight bulb may be dim or stop working altogether, one of which could be that it has burned out. you can easily check if you have an issue by looking directly into the headlights while someone turns on your front lights for you.

if you notice that one of your headlights is dimmer than usual but the other is shining brightly, then it means that the lamp has burned out and needs to be replaced immediately.

if there’s some condensation in your headlight lenses, don’t drive with them like this because the moisture will eventually corrode your lights.

get rid of the moisture in your headlights by removing them and placing them in a bowl with some rice. the dry rice can draw out any moisture that’s stuck inside of there, which will prevent further damage from being done to the lenses themselves.

there are also headlight bulbs specifically designed for altima models made before 2014.

aftermarket manufacturers have developed car parts that are compatible with earlier variants of the car without requiring major modifications to be done on your part. checking online is a great way to find replacement headlight bulbs for older nissan altima units.

if you still happen to own an altima model made within or after 2013, it means you can simply buy oem-standard headlight bulbs directly from nissan.

the company manufactures these components in-house, so they are
wrote using the latest technology and materials available on the market.

however, it doesn’t mean aftermarket altima headlights are not up to standard at all. there are many different types of headlight bulbs you could buy for your car that would be just as effective in projecting light onto the road ahead of you at night.

most reputable automotive retailers sell a good selection of headlight bulb options for most makes and models out there today.

to ensure your new set of headlights work properly, be sure to regularly replace any faulty wiring or fuses behind your dashboard if needed.

you also need to regularly change your windshield wiper blades as well as air filter every month or so, as these parts can sometimes interfere with a car’s electrical systems.

with the right care and maintenance, your altima will continue to have crystal-clear headlight bulbs that shine just as bright on the road as they did during your purchase of the vehicle.

by regularly changing out any faulty components, you’ll prevent dangerous accidents from taking place due to the low visibility of the dark roads ahead of you at night.

the high value that lies behind headlights is one of the reasons pushing some of the most significant automotive manufacturers into designing beautiful shapes and designs.

the more the light, the safer the drive. design translates to efficiency and some of the best nissan altima light designs available today include drl bars, projector headlights, and led lights.

these are built to meet all tastes and preferences. they are also available with clear lenses, chrome, black or silver housings and come with the best lighting sources, including led and halogen bulbs.

these boost safety and your nissan altima’s appearance.

you always need to be assured that your headlights are working just fine. night driving accounts for a lot of road accidents.

as such, clear visibility is crucial. as your mechanic checks that all other systems in your nissan altima are working well, have your headlight bulbs checked as well.

in addition, install quality headlight bulbs that are not only bright but durable. some of the best aftermarket nissan altima headlight bulbs come from reliable manufacturers such as dorman, oracle lighting, putco, lumen, and sylvania.


even after changing the headlight bulb on your nissan altima, you may still be left with a dim or dull beam of light that doesn’t seem to provide clear visibility at night.

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you can adjust the headlight beam by replacing another part of your altima’s headlight assembly – the headlight adjustment knob.

even if you don’t experience these problems, it’s not a bad idea to replace your headlights every year or so for maximum visibility and safety. and replacement is fairly easy – here are step-by-step instructions.

tools needed:

pliers, screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver

  • step 1 – open hood

locate the hood release latch under the dashboard on the driver’s side of the car. pull up on the latch and open the hood.

  • step 2 – remove cover plates

wearing a pair of work gloves, remove the cover plates that surround your altima’s headlight assembly. there are four total: one directly above each light unit and one on either side.

they have large phillips screws holding them in place. use a screwdriver to remove these screws and set them aside. once all of the covers are off, use a flat-head screwdriver as needed to pry out any remaining fasteners or bits still connected.

  • step 3 – loosen bulbs

turn your altima’s headlights on (you won’t be able to see anything yet) and pull back slightly on both headlight adjustment knobs; you should hear a click.

this means that you’ve successfully disengaged the locking mechanism on your altima’s headlight assembly and can begin unscrewing the bulbs themselves. turn each bulb counterclockwise and pull it straight out of its socket and discard both.

  • step 4 – insert new bulbs

insert new headlight bulbs into their respective sockets, making sure they’re perfectly upright and secure before pushing them in all the way.

tighten each bulb with a clockwise motion, then turn your headlights off and test to make sure they work (you’ll probably need someone to help you).

if they don’t come on or appear dim, repeat step 3 above by removing both adjustment knobs again; this will unlock the headlight assembly so that you can tighten the new bulbs.

  • step 5 – test headlight adjustment

turn your headlights back on and check to see that you’re able to adjust them by turning the adjustment knobs.

if they still don’t seem to have a sharp enough beam of light, turn them off and pull each bulb out again; this time, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to give the headlight adjustment knob an extra quarter-turn clockwise for more focused light.

reinsert headlight bulbs and test again until satisfied with the results. replace cover plates if desired, then close hood of your nissan altima and store or carry away old headlight bulbs so that they’re not accidentally thrown away in error.

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