The 7 Best Brake Line Flaring Tools in 2021 (Including the Best Single, Double, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Professional and Budget Flaring Tool Options)

The 7 Best Brake Line Flaring Tools in 2021 (Including the Best Single, Double, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Professional and Budget Flaring Tool Options)
Guides Welcome to the Thomas scout to the best brake channel flaring cock 2021. Thomas has been connecting north american english industrial buyers and suppliers for more than 120 years. When you purchase products through our freelancer recommendations, we may earn an affiliate mission .
For mechanics or anyone who likes to do their own fomite alimony and repairs, a brake line flaring creature is an invaluable summation to any car compensate toolkit. These handy contraptions are not only used for bending or flaring ( tightly sealing the ends of ) brake lines and potentially saving you money in the long run on pre-bent or pre-flared bracken lines but they besides can be used for flaring tube and pipe on other projects besides .
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A brake line flaring tool is the best way to maintain leak-free brake lines

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There ‘s not a lot of a learn arch when it comes to using a brake line flaring instrument with most models being square and simpleton to use. There are just a few basic factors to keep in mind .

Before Using a Brake Line Flaring Tool

When undertaking the tax of flaring bracken lines, in addition to the brake occupation flaring tool and the bracken tube, you ‘ll need a measurement tape to measure the bracken line required, protective wear such as safety gloves and goggles, and a determine, or specialized pipe cutters to cut the tubing down to size. In sexual intercourse to single flare out or double flaring brake lines, the latter is the prefer and safest option. Single flare is an outdated method used for low-pressure brake lines, whereas double erupt is preferred by professionals and recommended by the Society of Automotive Engineers ( SAE ), specially for hydraulic brake lines that are subjected to high atmospheric pressure that can subject them to cracks and leaks .

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best Brake Line Flaring Tool 2021

Whether you ‘re looking for the best portable or on-car brake line flaring tool, we ‘ve found the best models for all needs and budgets .
Scroll down to read more on our top picks for the best brake occupation flaring tool on Amazon according to many glad buyers .

1. Best-Rated Brake Line Flaring Tool—Titan Brake Line Flaring Tool

the best brake line flaring tool 2021
As the most highly-rated flare tool on Amazon, ampere well as being Amazon ‘s Choice for double flare brake wrinkle cock kit, the Titan 51535 is ideal for nickel-copper and steel tube ( though not stainless sword ). It can be used directly on the car or truck as it has a slender frame to fit easily in tight spaces. The kit comes with the 3/16-inch double flare joyride which has a obliterable wield, a double-ended OP1 ( single ) and OP2 ( double ) punch, a put abscond, and a small tub of die lubricant. “ I have been working on cars for 35 years, and making heavily brake lines has always been an exit, ” wrote one customer. “ Using only the OP1 side of the anvil, I ended up with absolutely shaped, leak-free bubble flares … This 51535 joyride is the BEST I have always seen and used. ” The company besides offers a 1/4-inch brake line flaring cock option .

2. Best Hydraulic Brake Line Flaring Tool—MASTERCOOL Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set

the best brake line flaring tool 2021
One of the most popular brake pipeline flaring tool sets preferred by professionals, and with a 95 % positive customer rating on Amazon, is this MASTERCOOL kit that comes with many dies and adapters in a commodious hard repositing case. The arranger holder is charismatic to keep the bits securely in place while working and the brace arm helps for easily tube forming. This cock besides has an enlarged compression area for superior die grapple and uses hydraulic pressure to make the flares which one customer described as “ the smoothest upstanding press to get a perfect flare every time. ” Another happy buyer wrote, “ I surely got what I paid for and heartily recommend this tool if erupt numerous brake lines is in your future, ” and even another explained, “ This tool makes flaring easily and foolproof. ”

3. Best Brake Line Flaring Tool Kit—ARES Flaring Tool Set

the best brake line flaring tool 2021

ARES claims that its 18019 flaring tool set can provide impressive 45° single or double flares on an array of materials like aluminum, magnesium, brass, and soft steel brake course tubes, and many customers back this up. In summation to the double flare tool itself, the kit out includes seven adapters and a miniskirt tubing cutter with a 1/8–5/8-inch cut capacity—and it all comes in a bang-up hard carrying case. Buyers were impressed with the rate for money provided by this kit and, in order to get the best bang for your buck, one helpfully advised making sure that the tube is absolutely straight where it goes through the die, the tube end cut squarely, and the inside of the tube deburred in arrange to get the best result .

4. Best Brake Line Double Flaring Tool—Capri Tools Double Flaring Tool

the best brake line flaring tool 2021
Made for 45° doubly flaring 3/16-inch steel, nickel, or copper tube, this compact tool from Capri is so little ( less than nine inches in distance ), you can well use it on the vehicle itself as it can effortlessly get in those rigorous spots. The die is detachable so you can besides use it with a bench vise. One professional technician with over 30 years of feel wrote that it alone took one use for them to see that this creature was foolproof, adding, “ It does a bang-up subcontract, promptly and easily. ” Another customer described it as a “ big tool ” that is “ simple to use ” and provided “ master results for a fraction of the price. ” “ Should have bought this years ago, ” they added. “ A must-have instrument if you work on cars. ”

5. Best Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool—TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool

the best brake line flaring tool 2021
This Amazon ‘s option brake line flaring tool by TGR is made to create single and double flares, ampere well as bubble flares. This joyride is designed for off-vehicle use, has a long T-handle with a comfortable grapple, and comes with a vise. The kit is pre-tested by the company, which is known to produce timbre tools, and a sample flare is even included so you can see the type of result you can expect. One of the many happy buyers explained that “ it feels professional ” and further wrote, “ The line does n’t get squished, nor does it evening slip a little bit when erupt. And ampere long as there ‘s a fiddling dab of anti-seize on the dies, the process is smooth and consistent. ” Another customer described that it “ does a very professional job of flaring brake lines. It is very heavily to tell the difference [ between ] a factory channel and a line flared with this cock. ”

6. Best Budget Brake Line Flaring Tool—Neiko Brake Line Tool Kit

the best brake line flaring tool 2021
For just over $ 20, the Neiko brake line tool kit has impressed buyers not merely for the big rate for money but besides for being “ slowly to use, even for a founder. ” Customers expressed that this thing “ makes upstanding doubling flare connections, ” and that it “ worked first time, every clock time, proper out of the box, on or off the car, with just a few turns of the cover. ” “ very easy to make ace bubble flares, ” wrote one buyer, who helpfully mentioned that they “ used a little oil on the spindle where it contacts the tube to reduce clash. ”

7. Best In-Line Brake Line Flaring Tool—Cal-Van Tools Master Inline Flaring Kit

the best brake line flaring tool 2021
specifically designed for on-vehicle use, the Cal-Van Tools master inline flaring kit is ideal for working in taut spaces. The solid customer top tip for placid operation and to ensure lastingness is to use lubricate on everything except for the tube gripping threads. “ Worked great for double flares right on my truck, ” reviewed one meet shopper, and another, a US Army mechanic for 23 years, gave it five stars and wrote, “ This tool is direction better than that bum thing we all tried at least once, ” clarifying that it ‘s worth the buy for steel but not for copper.

The Best Brake Line Flaring Tool—Summary

For a durable, hardy, and professional-grade brake line flaring tool that can take enough of wear and bust, and that buyers have called “ dummy-proof ”, opt for the MASTERCOOL kit. For something a little more economic, possibly for lighter duty manipulation, the Titan 51535 brake trace flaring tool comes in highly recommend. We hope our review of the best brake agate line flaring instrument has been helpful. For more suppliers of associate products, including bracken fittings, hydraulic brake fittings, inverted flare fittings, hose end air travel brake fittings, and brake hoses consult our extra guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform .
*Prices listed in this article were as shown on as of July, 2021

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