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I see the ES now comes standard with LED headlights. What’s the difference between them and the Bi-LEDs?

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The standard LED headlilghts have LED low beams and halogen high beams. The Bi-LED optional lights use LED lights for both the low beams and the high beams.

It should be noted, though, that, while both the LED low beams and the LED high beams have the “cool factor” look that appeals to many, they do not project out as far or as wide as their halogen counterparts or as well as the Xenon HID options that were available on the ES a few years ago.

If you go to the website for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, you can find testing that they did on all vehicles with various headlight options. For the ES and for other Lexus vehicles, the LEDs did not project as far or as wide do the (less expensive) halogens.

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Your 2013 ES probably has the Xenon HID low beam option with halogen high beams. That is what I had on the 2013 ES that I previously owned. When I bought my 2017 ES with the optional Bi-LED lights and when I was driving it home from the dealer after dark on unlit country roads, I immediately had a perception that the LED low beams didn’t project as far as did the Xenon low beams on the 2013 and that the LED high beams did not project as well as did the halogen high beams on the 2013. It was not until I saw the test results on the IIHS website that I was able to confirm that my perception was accurate. Needless to say, I was disappointed to find that the expensive headlight option that I got on my 2017 ES does not perform as well as less expensive alternatives.

For those who do their driving in well lit urban areas, the smaller area of projection for the LED lights won’t make much difference, but, for those, including me, who do most of their driving on unlit and unmarked country roads, that shorter and narrower area of projection can make the difference between seeing a deer or other animal soon enough to avoid hitting it or not seeing it in time. [external_footer]