Piddle (meaning one headlight out on car

what is it called when a car has one headlight out


9. THE PADIDDLE GAME – A “Padiddle”, as any trucker will tell you, is a car with one light out. The first person to see one, calls out “Padiddle”; the person who spots the most wins.

Car Padiddle – 1 point

Semi-truck Padiddle – 2 points

VW Bug Padiddle – 3 points

Taxi Padiddle – 5 points

Farm Equipment Padiddle – 5 points

Boat Padiddle – 5 points

Train Padiddle – 10 points

Helicopter Padiddle – 15 points

School Bus Padiddle – 20 points

Police Padiddle – 25 points

Airplane Padiddle – 100 points


I am sure that was all very good fun; however, I would have preferred the following version of the game, albeit it might have been confusing for 5 to 10 year olds! *G*


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Well, the way I remember the game is as follows:

If you were in a car with a girl and saw a CAR with a headlight out, you’d yell “Padiddle” and she had to give you a kiss. (If she saw it first and said “Paddidle, forget it”, nothing happened.

This worked both ways. If the girl said it, you gave her a kiss, and if you saw it first and didn’t want to, you’d say “Padiddle, forget it”.

Now, the game gets interesting. Trucks and busses mustcontinually check their lights etc., under the law, so seeing one with a headlight out was rare indeed.

If you saw a one-pice truck or a bus with a headlight out and said “Padiddle”, the girl allowed you (excuse me here) to give her a free “feel”.

If you saw a two-piece truck (an 18-wheeler) that had a headlight out, and you said padiddle first, you got “five minutes free time”.

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As the guy was usually driving, the girl beside usually saw the headlight-out vehicle first and got out of the situation. But, if the guy driving saw it first, hmmm.

It was your high school days, it was the “innocent” 1950s,and it was a fun time.

4 Dec 01

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