Sticking Front Brakes

Sticking Front Brakes
Is there an ABS unaccented lighted. The control module could be keeping pressure on the calipers. You could pull the ABS fuse and check to see if they are even dragging. I would not think the master cylinder would cause this, but the booster may be holding imperativeness on it and not releasing .
Testing and Inspection

Brake Booster Test
Functional Test

With the engine stopped, press the brake pedal respective times to deplete the void reservoir, then press the pedal hard and hold it for15 seconds. If the pedal sinks, either the victor cylinder is bypassing internally, or the bracken system ( dominate cylinder, lines, modulator, proportioning valve, calipers, or wheel cylinders ) is leaking.
Start the engine with the brake pedal point pressed. If the bicycle sinks slenderly, the vacuum booster is operating normally. If the bicycle height does not vary, the promoter or check valve is faulty.
With the engine range, press the brake pedal lightly. If the brake pedal sinks more than 10 millimeter ( 3/8 edge ) in 3 minutes, the master cylinder is defective. A slight change in bicycle stature when the A/C compressor cycles on and off is normal. ( The A/C compressor load changes the vacuum available to the booster. ) Leak Test
Press the bracken pedal point with the engine run, then stop the engine. If the pedal acme does not vary while pressed for30 seconds, the vacuum booster is OK. If the bicycle rises, the booster is faulty.
Turn the engine off and wait 30 seconds. Press the brake bicycle several times using normal pressure. When the pedal is first base pressed, it should be low. On consecutive applications, the pedal stature should gradually rise. If the pedal military position does not deviate, check the promoter check valve.

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Disconnect the brake booster vacuum hosiery ( check valve built-in ) ( A ) at the promoter ( B ) side.
Start the engine, and let it idle. There should be vacuum available. If no vacuum is available, the check valve is not working by rights. Replace the brake supporter vacuum hose and check valve, and retest.
Start the engine, and then pinch the brake booster vacuum hose between the check valve and the booster.
Turn the engine off and wait 30 seconds. Press the brake pedal several times using normal blackmail. When the pedal point is first pressed, it should be low. On consecutive applications, the pedal height should gradually rise.
If the pedal point situation does not change, replace the brake booster.
If the pedal point status varies, replace the brake promoter vacuum hose/check valve forum .

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