R90S Headlight seal

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    r90s headlight seal

    i have an 1976 r90s. i need to replace rubber seal around headlight. i presume it attaches to cowl. how does one do that? with glue? if so, what kind?


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    if you’re talking about the black rubber “gasket” on the s fairing that covers the gap between the the fairing headlamp inlet and the headlamp shell, then my new gasket was a press fit mounted on the fairing, not on the lamp. the gasket was slightly smaller than the inside lip on the fairing. once i figured out which side of the rubber gasket to face which way on the fairing, i stretched it on and then pulled the fairing up over the lamp and torqued the fairing mount nuts down. does that make any sense?

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    thank you, i will try this as i have a new seal. not sure it will stay put but we shall see.

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    1. make sure the new rubber ring is not “inside out”. the “rounded” side is out iirc.
    2. note “ridge” on inside of ring.
    3. note “thick” and “thin” sides of ring.
    4. lower s fairing or don’t lower it, your choice. easier if lowered (upper mounts released and fairing pulled forward away from headlamp).
    5. working from the headlamp side of the fairing opening, slip thick side of the ring around the outer edge of the fairing until the edge of the fairing circle mates with the “edge” on the inside of the ring. sort of feel around the edge and get it even all the way around.
    6. lift fairing back up and secure the mount nuts and bolts in your desired position for the fairing.
    7. go stand in front of the bike and see if you see “daylight” at any point between the lens and the fairing opening. if yes, reach under there and gently pull the ring toward the headlamp bucket until you see no daylight.
    8. done.

    call me stupid, just don’t call me late for dinner. when i first got one of these rings i had no ring on the bike and no bike with a ring to compare it to, so it took me some fiddling to figure it out. ring on headlamp? shove ring in the gap? how do ya mount this thing? anyhoo, hth.

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    i will try this on weekend and report back, thank you

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    r90s headlight seal

    registered user

    [quote=blkhoss;625118]i have an 1976 r90s. i need to replace rubber seal around headlight. i presume it attaches to cowl. how does one do that? with glue? if so, what kind?

    i just watched a r90s fairing install tutorial video on the website, boxer2valve.com. the guy used liqui moly 8010 rubber cement to glue his rubber ring in.
    i think the idea of gluing it is a sound one. the only problem, i can’t find this liqui moly 8010 rubber cement anywhere in the usa.

    any ideas? recommends for a good substitute?

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    old thread but a suggestion…try permatex super weatherstrip adhesive.

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    r90s headlight seal

    john d’oh

    don’t need to use adhesive

    doesn’t need glue. fresh rubber gasket elastic properties and surface tension hold it in place on the faring and headlight chrome ring
    wider diameter keeps it from slipping off. clean (degrease) the fairing attachment rim for the best results.

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