E-brake launch?? [Archive]

E-brake launch?? [Archive]
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ron If you watch like the gymkhana video recording or alot of degree stuff the drivers use the e-brake to launch ? ? How does this knead ? would n’t the e-brake be damaging to launching ? ? I ‘m confuse : ?

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DoWork You use the brake to hold the car in topographic point so you are not standing on 3 pedals at once … .
vicali Are you sure it ‘s the e-brake ?
On some WRC cars the consecutive careen node is there excessively ;
When they start at the line they rev up and push it into gear..

hypertext transfer protocol : //www.autorika.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/2011-Ford-Fiesta-RS-WRC- % E2 % 80 % 93-Interior-View-670×502.jpg

hypertext transfer protocol : //www.speedarena.com/gallery/albums//Rally/WRC/2003/00 % 20Skoda % 20Fabia/005.jpg

In the cars with ‘flappy paddles ‘ there is lone the e-brake lever ;
But you inactive see them push the dabble when it ‘s time to go.
hypertext transfer protocol : //image.modified.com/f/17352706/0203_03zoom+WRC_Subaru_WRX_STI+Interior_View_Dashb oard.jpg
acco205 It to hold the car in stead while you are waiting to launch. Drag racers do it besides.

Basically the estimate is one foot on the natural gas to get revved up, one on the clasp ( necessary even with consecutive gear boxes ) and then correct hand on the brakes so you dont roll off the wrinkle.

You let off the hand brake just ahead or barely as you let out the cling to. The system moves fast enough that if done good it shouldnt slow you up at all. Its besides a handy trick when person gets right on your american samoa at a traffic light going up mound and you dont have hill serve. barely keep in heed the mechanical e-brake in your cable car habit react as fast as the hyrdo handbrake you see in the factory cars.

409industries If you ‘re talking about the Ken Block type thrust, iodine ‘m pretty surely its all electronic launching control.

agree brake, mash natural gas … calculator handles everything else .
LPPrelude It is called a “ theatrical production Brake ”.

Drag Racing, but applies for anyone coming off the line.

You are preloading the clutch bag and driveline so far keeping the cable car from moving.
It stops, driveline shock and clutch damage when you drop the clutch.
It besides results in better launches and more utilitarian exponent being put through the driveline.

It is besides VERY important for turbo cars as it will allow them to come off the line at entire boost.

That is the why.
The how for a normal pedal cling to systems is this.

Push clutch bag in, put car in gear, pull on staging bracken to lock wheels, revolutions per minute motor to desired revolutions per minute, slightly let clutch out until the car starts to want to move ahead, let out clutch and exhaust staging brake to launch.

Turbo cars combine this with a two step system and BAM ! Neck breaking launches .
madpanda LPPrelude : Thanks for the detail explanation. What ‘s a “ two step organization ” ?
LPPrelude LPPrelude : Thanks for the detail explanation. What ‘s a “ two step system ” ?

I am ineffective to get onto youtube as it is better seen than explained.

Basically for turbo cars when you launch off the line you have little to no rise pressure thus resulting in the car bogging untill pressure builds.

Two Step makes launching easier and can be used for both Turbo and NA.
Some people call it launch control.

Example my previous drag car was N/A.
When I was on the pipeline at a stand I would good put the natural gas to the floor and the RPMS where limited at 4600RPM ‘s. a soon as the car started to move it would then rev out to 7800RPM ‘s.

now for turbo cars they will besides do a trip cut american samoa well.
so not only are you able to barely hold your foot on the floor but the cable car will pick different cyclinders to cut sparkle to for a rotation and that will then ignite in the turbo itself not the chamber. Hard on the turbo ? Yeah, but it besides will promptly spin that turbo and create full promote to launch with.

I went ahead and just googled it and found this :
Better explaination than I can give but it is the same.
hypertext transfer protocol : //www.enginebasics.com/EFI % 20Tuning/2step % 20rev % 20limiter.html

The other thing is called a “ No Lift ” or “ flat foot shifting ”
Basically, you fair plant your foot on the floor the entire raceway and never elevation. More for puff race than anything else.

You silent clutch in/clutch out but the cars ECU controls the revolutions per minute when the clutch is pushed in so you do n’t over rev the motor.

When I had my STI I know that I was able to tune it with my Cobb AP for the Flat Foot Shifting. I do n’t know if it was able to do the two gradation out of the box but I am sure Cobb can get you a Map that has it besides.

edit : I REALLY wish I could link the video I am thinking of in my head from youtube. But try and search youtube for Evo 2 footprint or Evo launching on dyno.

The video has a argent ( ? ) Evo launching on the dyno and just before the car launches you hear this “ booog ” healthy and can see black smoke coming out the exhaust. then he launches like a freak out rocket.
The hood is open on the video besides .
kold911 this one ? ? ( hypertext transfer protocol : //youtu.be/U2AR5zL_vo )
madpanda Thanks !

The above yoke is broken, but I think this is it ? :
hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=U2AR5zL_voI

noisycricket I do it chiefly because it holds the car hush. very utilitarian when the beginning is acclivitous, downhill, or deeply rutted and your car keeps wanting to roll …

hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=vGTdsOJ6DKI

I think some WRCars do n’t have seize pedals, it ‘s all automatic and holding the handbrake like that besides keeps the seize depressed.

I was going to go indeed far as to plumb a line-lock in the cling to hydraulics and tie it to a substitution so that holding the handbrake keeps the clutch disengaged, releasing the manage = dumping the clasp … but one of the regions I run with has disallowed launching at the start for web site preservation purposes. then I found that the car accelerates quicker if I *don’t* establish. Heh.

( wow, watching that video recording makes me feel old/dumb … I drive so different now, and the car ‘s so much better than spinal column then : ) )
LPPrelude Thanks !

The above link is broken, but I think this is it ? :
hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=U2AR5zL_voI

Yes it is. At 11seconds you can hear that “ badly ” strait and see black pot out the back.

This is in an STI and is more detail with the tachometer and boost gauge of what it does.
hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=y_XErSGxpTY
LPPrelude hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=8edSImjg00g

11 seconds
Sound familiar to the WRC manner ?

Basically, this plus using the e-brake to stop the car from moving and preload the drivetrain .
tbtstt There is very little comparison, if any, between the “ plunge control ” in a road car and the “ launch control ” in a World Rally Car, rallycross Supercar etc.

The World Rally Car is much more boost as it uses the handbrake ( which disengages the centre differential gear ) and will often be tied into the gearbox angstrom well. For example the launch control on the late Impreza World Rally Cars would launch the car and put it into 2nd gear at the allow moment, so all the driver has to do is concentrate on keeping the car in a directly line !

In terms of road cars though the belated “ fly-by-wire ” malcolm stock ECU ‘s can have “ plunge control ” enabled, as can a count of aftermarket ECU ‘s such as Simtek, Syvecs, Motec, Pectal etc.

The ECU controlled launching in road cars merely limits the rev up when the car is stationary, so you put the seize in, have the accelerator bicycle all the way to the floor and the launch master limits the revolutions per minute to a preset RPM ( alternatively of banging off the limiter ). When you drop the clutch and start moving you already have fully accelerator engaged.

I think some WRCars do n’t have clutch pedals, it ‘s all automatic and holding the handbrake like that besides keeps the seize depressed.
World Rally Cars have clutch pedals, but they are only used on road sections. As mentioned earlier the latter launch control systems take care of the slippery stuff, leaving the driver to keep the car sharpen in the right direction. In stage the gearing changes do n’t require manual of arms cling to remark .
Jblankster future time its cold/wet out one will see if one can make a video of my buddy WRX on the antilag+Ebrake launching. its quite good .
Rex_Saugerty one think pastrada did one on this years race of champions. car was on start line but front man tires was spinning
A1337STI You can actually do this with bring around toe angstrom well, though its a bit tricky.. I decidedly have n’t mastered it by any means.

left foot is on the seize

Right foundation is covering both the gas and the brake.. I do n’t actualyl “ heel toe ” but put the leave side of my correct foot over the brake, and the good side over the accelerator.

depress the brake adequate to not roll rev up it a sting and lento start to engage the seize, there will be a point that boost will start to build ( and your cling to starts to get abused )

increase braking a touch, increase gas a touch, engage clasp slightly more and you ‘ll start to build some boost, then LAUNCH. you need to slide your foot off the brake as you slam down the boast ( I personally seem to get a small lodge when doing that, I ‘m silent faster starting normally.. but i can see how this technique could be faster )

: d
Jblankster hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=qh2J9IETDUQ & feature=youtu.be

theres a flying one we did. think you got the orient. lifts the brake to hold the car and slips the clutch which builds hike. besides hitting the 2 step to hold the RPMS. once vitamin e brake drops RPMS ascend and off you go

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The ECU controlled launch in road cars simply limits the rev up when the car is stationary, so you put the batch in, have the restrict pedal all the way to the floor and the launching manipulate limits the revolutions per minute to a preset RPM ( alternatively of banging off the limiter ). When you drop the cling to and start moving you already have full moon choke engaged.

The DSG-equipped Audi TT RS ‘s launch restraint is obviously reasonably advanced. car and Driver noted that the 0-60 acceleration was 1.5 seconds quicker than the 5-60 acceleration, and they never said anything about turbo lag.

Of course, being DSG, the transmission shifts automatically anyhow.

( Rather unfortunate that the DSG trans will not make it Stateside, with H-pattern manuals being the only option. besides unfortunate that the car is something like $ 70k, which is a batch of money for a four-ringed chop-top New Beetle )

World Rally Cars have clutch pedals, but they are lone used on road sections. As mentioned earlier the latter launch manipulate systems take care of the catchy material, leaving the driver to keep the car target in the right focus. In stage the gear changes do n’t require manual clutch bag input.I noticed in some cars that the drivers would need to hold the handbrake pry when shifting to Reverse with the paddles. I ‘d plainly assumed that this was manually forcing the clutch to disengage …
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