Removing And Installing Rear Wheels Is Easy!

Removing And Installing Rear Wheels Is Easy!
afraid to take off your rear wheel to fix a compressed tire ( or when taking off both wheels to put a motorcycle in a car trunk ) ? Worried that you ‘ll mess up the chain or shift ; or that you ‘ll get all greasy ? Think you ‘ll never get the rear wheel back on mighty ?
We have good news program : Anyone can remove and install a rear wheel and it wo n’t affect the shift or the chain. And if you work carefully, you wo n’t have to touch that greasy drivetrain either .
hera ‘s how it ‘s done on any bicycle with derailleurs, from road bikes, to mountain bikes and any 2-wheelers in between. Watch the video and review the bit-by-bit photos and text .
We ‘re besides happy to demonstrate in person, besides, so please let us know if you ‘d like a quick moral.

We ‘ve covered all the tips and tricks, so you ‘ll be an expert in no time !

1. Shift onto the small cog and small chainring.
Shifting the chain gloomy onto the smallest cog on the rear bicycle and the smallest chainring on the crankset, creates slow in the chain, which makes rear wheel removal much easier. It besides makes roulette wheel facility easier because it gives you an accurate means to lineage up the rack ( on the smallest cog ) so that it slips right into the bicycle frame .
If you ‘re riding and feel the rise run down becoming soft lento from a deflate, you may have time to make the shifts to the smallest cog and ring as you ‘re slowing to a stop .
If you ‘re not riding, or have already stopped, operate the properly shift lever, lift the bicycle by the seat and pedal by hand and the chain will move down the cogs in the back. Depending on the character of careen lever, you may need to move the lever a match of times to move the chain onto the smallest cog .
nowadays, do the same with the leave shift pry and pedal by hand and get the chain onto the smallest chainring in front, excessively .
Open the brake so the tire fits through. 2. Open the brake
Note: If you ‘re fixing a apartment run down, you need n’t worry about this step because when the air is all out of the tire it will fit through the bracken easily. besides, if your motorcycle has disc brakes, you besides can skip this step because you do n’t need to touch disk brakes to remove wheels.

On most bikes with rim brakes, when you try to remove the wheel, the bore bumps into the brake pads. This is because the brake needs to be adjusted near to the rim, while the in full inflate tire is significantly wider than the rim .
To prevent the tire bump into the brake pads, you can open sidepull brakes by amply rotating the little lever on the brake upwards ( photo a ). This short lever is called the brake promptly release for the manner it lets you cursorily release ( open ) the brake pads. For linear-pulls ( besides called “ direct-pulls, ” and “ V-brakes ” ) lift/pull the end of the “ attic ” out of its holder ( photo b ) .
Some sidepulls are opened by pressing a button on the lever. Look for this if there ‘s no lever on the brake .
open cantilever brakes ( these feature a cable television that runs over the lead of the run down ) by lifting the cable end on one side out of its holder .
Workarounds: If you ca n’t find a way to open a brake, you can besides let air out of the tire until you can pinch it adequate to squeeze it through the brake pads. Another trick – though it requires tools and time – is to remove one brake launching pad which will frequently provide sufficient clearance. If not, you can remove both pads. just be indisputable to remount them carefully so that they contact the brim squarely and do n’t touch any share of the tire.

Pull back the rear derailleur by hand for easy wheel removal/installation. 3. Pull the derailleur back and remove the wheel
now you ‘re ready to remove the steering wheel. Most bicycle wheels have promptly releases holding them in the skeletal system ( the red parts in the photograph ). To open the agile release and loosen the steering wheel, just pull and fully open the pry, which is normally on the antonym slope of the chain. Do n’t twist the lever. Just pull it out/away from the human body .
When the quick liberation is open, the wheel is ready to come out. To remove it, lift the bicycle by the buttocks so that graveness will help you. On some bikes the wheel will drop justly out at this point ( do n’t let it roll down the road and escape ! ). Or, if it does n’t fall out on its own, give it a slender boast with your hand and that might knock it right field out .
Do n’t force anything though. If the wheel does n’t come out right aside, it ‘s because the derailleur and chain are blocking it. To get them out of the way, keep holding the rear end of your bicycle off the establish by lifting the bicycle by the seat. Reach down with your free hand and pull binding the derailleur with your hand to get it, and the chain, out of the way .
now, the wheel should fall out or drop out if you shake the motorcycle. If the chain gets in the way placid, good grip the wheel and shake it so that it ‘s exempt of the chain and amply off the bicycle ( that direction you never touch the chain and stay clean ). good subcontract !
Note: To distinctly show the desire derailleur position, we locked it in set. You must pull it back by hand when murder wheels because it wo n’t stay in place on its own .
How to put the rear wheel back on
As you guessed, installing the rear roulette wheel is the lapp as removal entirely in the inverse order !
You just place the steering wheel spinal column in the frame being careful to get the chain on the right cog, close the quick secrete to lock the wheel in, and conclusion the brake so your brakes are working again .
The video shows front and rear steering wheel facility in that order. We go over the bit-by-bit below and explain some of the things that can go faulty and how to deal with them .
It can be frustrating if the wheel wo n’t go in easily. But there ‘s always a mechanical reason. so, look at what you ‘re doing carefully and read our instructions a few times and you should be able to find the problem and cover it so that the rear wheel goes proper back where it belongs .
If your wheel wo n’t go in well, check these things :
Did you get the chain on the cog right? Remember that you shifted the chain onto the smallest rise cog before you removed the wheel. so, you must put the wheel back on by beginning line that smallest cog up fair correctly sol that the chain is on it. besides, pay attention to how the chain rests on the cog. The chain is a closed closed circuit. The cog should be inside the coil ( see the photo in Step 3 ) .
Make sure the chain is on, not off the pulley.Note: If the steering wheel has been off the bicycle for some time, it ‘s possible that person might operate the careen levers. This can move the derailleur so that when you occupation up the bicycle with the smallest cog the wheel wo n’t go into the frame. alternatively it bumps into the frame. To remedy this and get the roulette wheel in, plainly operate the shift lever as if you ‘re shifting onto the smallest cog. This will move the rear derailleur back where it needs to be so that the wheel will production line up right with the skeletal system and go in.

Did the chain come off the derailleur pulley? Another bug that can prevent the roulette wheel going right into the frame is if the chain happens to come off the top pulley on the derailleur ( photo ). This is heavily to see but it has a similar consequence to person shifting the derailleur into the improper status and it makes the bicycle run into the frame and not want to go in. To fix it, just push the chain spinal column onto the pulley and make sure it stays there as you install the wheel. Tip: Use a perplex to push it on or wrap your finger in a rag and you ‘ll stay grease-free .
Is your quick release still open? sometimes when the roulette wheel is separate from the bicycle, the quick dismissal pry gets bumped and flipped over and closed. When this happens the wheel wo n’t fit in the frame of reference anymore because the promptly release is closed and in the way. Open it and the wheel will fit .
nowadays that you know how it ‘s done, you may want to practice removing and installing your rear wheel a few times to become adept at it so that when you have to do it, it ‘s a breeze. And, so you can dazzle your friends by helping them remove/install their wheels ! Have fun and let us know if you ‘d like a demonstration .

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