Brembo Expands Palette For Its Distinctive Colored Brake Calipers; Porsche Hybrids Get Lime Green

Brembo Expands Palette For Its Distinctive Colored Brake Calipers; Porsche Hybrids Get Lime Green

Brembo has always been known for its loss brake calipers, a scar of distinction on cars that is seen increasingly in today ‘s open-wheel style. now, the Italy-based mark behind the finest lightweight devices for stopping cars is putting more effort behind broadening its palette beyond loss.

At the request of high-end customers such as Porsche, Brembo nowadays offers calipers in 100 colors, providing one more way for finical buyers to put that extra personal touch on their new vehicles. “ Italians in general are artists, and those who work in the car industry are aesthetic engineers, ” Dan Sandberg, CEO of Brembo ‘s north american arm based in the United States, told me. “ They make things that are highly functional and they look fantastic. And that ’ s the italian deoxyribonucleic acid coming through .
“ Black is popular … Yellow is popular, [ such as ] on Porsche 911, ” Sandberg said. “ Porsche is leading the pack in this ; a lime-green caliper typically is some kind of hybrid power educate. It ‘s about an identifier of a certain charge of vehicle. Land Rover typically has Brembo brakes on a lot of cars but it ’ s an option to get them colored .

“ When you start with red, and we have a very demanding customer free-base, and designers get involved, they ’ re going to look at that fomite to say, ‘What can we do to blend with the color of the cable car or stolon and highlight it ? ‘ So you ’ ll see multiple color choices. Taking a look at the highest-end Ford GT you will see six colors ; [ with the Chevrolet ] Corvette, besides. Some [ brands offer ] up to 12 to 15 color combinations depending on how you want to customize the fomite. That leads to a color pallette of over 100 colors. ”
Brembo has been growing recently along with the U.S. car market and has a boastfully fabrication presence in both the United States and Mexico for making a assortment of brake components, not just its signature crimson calipers. But the attention-getting calipers are what people remember about Brembo.

“ At the end of the day if there ’ s anything that ’ s a trademark for our ship’s company, it ’ second credibly our color brakes, ” he said. “ If you go to non-car people — some of whom surely don ’ metric ton know what a brake is or specially a caliper or rotor — if you start talking about Brembo brakes, and if they show a blank face, it ’ randomness very easy to say, ‘Have you seen the crimson wheels in cars ? ‘ We were the first to paint a caliper and first base to paint an aluminum caliper. ”

Brakes emblazoned with “ Brembo ” are sometimes priced individually, early times with a sport package, inactive others included as standard equipment. “ They normally take a bounty, ” Sandberg said, “ and they deserve it. ”
Sandberg says Brembo has been offering non-red options for about ten years now, increasing the variety all along. The growing list of possibilities help car designers make the most of an authoritative precinct of the outside. “ When I was in the wheel occupation, we used to say the corners of the vehicle are 30 to 40 percentage of the impression that you get of the fomite when you first look at it, ” he said. “ You want something in that corner that looks big, and colored calipers are fantastic for that. ”
distillery, with sake in more colors, and offering OEMs more options, Brembo is n’t about to abandon its iconic bolshevik calipers. Red is still the staple. For one matter, Brembo ‘s traditional loss color is showing up on more vehicles than alone the upper end. “ Mid-premium or performance vehicles have our brakes, including Buicks in certain cases, and on the Kia Stinger, ” Sandberg said. “ And those are vehicles that are well within the range of largely everybody to buy. But they ’ ra performance vehicles, built with design in mind, and that ’ s an excellent place for us to play, when an OEM wants to truly show off a fomite. ”

besides, Brembo actually offers 12 different colors of red. “ Red is still a big identifier and most democratic color we have, ” Sandberg said. “ But we want to provide the customer with ability to customize their vehicles, and the customer comes first. ”

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