How to Remove a STUCK Brake Drum Step-By-Step

How to Remove a STUCK Brake Drum Step-By-Step
Brake drums are quite much a little challenging to get off. however, there are some instances where your brake drums may be actually stick, making them seem about impossible to remove no matter how much elbow dirt you apply. So how do you remove a stuck brake drum?  

Thankfully, automotive YouTuber ChrisFix covers a step-by-step solution to this common problem: 

  • Spray penetrating oil to remove rust from between the drum and the seat. 
  • Hit the drum hard with a mallet or hammer then try to wiggle it loose.  
  • If you still aren’t able to remove the brake drum, you will need to cut or drill out the holding pins from the drum, remove the screws to the brake cylinder, and pull off the drum.  

many times, a refractory brake drum can be a real trouble to remove. Below, we ’ ll breed in more contingent the process that you will want to follow if you are having a unmanageable time getting your brake drum off of your fomite .

Removing Stubborn Brake Drums: A Step-By-Step Guide

The first thing that you should do if you are wanting to remove your brake drum is to try wiggling it off by handwriting. In many cases, simply rotating the brake barrel back and forth while you are pulling on it will be enough to break it lax and get it off if you apply enough muscle.

If this doesn ’ t make and your brake drum refuses to budge, check and see if there are holes along the margin of your brake drum where a gobble can be inserted. If there are, putting a thunderbolt into these holes and screwing it down is a quick and easy direction to break idle your brake drum. If this is not an option, though, the future thing you will want to do is apply a generous sum of penetrating oil where the bracken drum is held in place by the stud to remove the rust between the cram and its seat that is locking the drum in place.

Let this petroleum sit for a menstruation of time then hit your brake drum hard with a forge or mallet to knock loose the rust that the penetrative petroleum has helped break down. At this point, you should be able to then remove your brake drum by handwriting. If not, you may have to consider more extreme measures such as heating the brake brake drum with a blowtorch so that the metallic will expand or cutting/drilling out the drum ’ s holding pins. If your brakes are stuck exposed, they will hold the brake drum in place no matter how hard you try to remove it, making removing the holding pins the alone option you have for getting the brake drum off. once these holding pins are removed, though, you should be able to remove the screws from the brake cylinder and pull off the brake drum with little disturb at all .

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