Big Brake Kits for BMW 3 Series E46 (1999-2005)

Big Brake Kits for BMW 3 Series E46 (1999-2005)
Position: Rear
Caliper: 4-piston Trophy STR
Colors: Anodized
Rotors: 355x32mm, cross-drilled or slotted
Also Included: stainless steel brake lines, StopTech Street Performance pads, hardware

StopTech Brakes puts championship-winning rush engineering and state-of-the-art mastermind under your feet. StopTech ‘s Front Big Brake Kit for the E46 M3 is a model-specific brake upgrade engineered to work with the broth brake hydraulics and ABS/DSC system. StopTech builds each kit around the specific vehicle, engineer the system to achieve the adjust bracken libra. This brake upgrade gives better stopping performance in everyday drive, aggressive street drive, or all-out track days. By increasing the rotor size, using a larger pad, and a sterilize forged aluminum caliper, you can improve your braking performance well for any condition ! StopTech Brakes have been used on Turner Motorsport racecars since 2003, winning 5 sports cable car championships and recording numerous subspecies wins since.

Safety Improvements from A Big Brake Kit:
+ Caliper design improves brake application and increases torsion – brake is stronger meaning shorter stopping distances and faster reception
+ Vehicle-specific design – improves brake feel with a firmer bicycle
+ Larger and slurred rotors – less languish and longer pad and rotor life

Advantages of a StopTech Big Brake Kit:
+ extremely firm caliper and mounting system – reduces flex and deflection, improving torsion application to the magnetic disk
+ Several color options available
+ Vehicle-specific calipers that maintain chastise brake proportion and proportion
+ AeroRotor patented vaning for superscript vent flow
+ Cross-Drilled for street manipulation or Gas-Slotted for street or cut function
+ Billet aluminum mounting hats for superior strength over steel
+ DOT-compliant stainless steel brake lines
+ Street Performance brake pads that work on both street and faint chase use

Maximizing brake efficiency by braking with all four wheels… Sounds obvious right ? many bolt-on caliper upgrades and other big brake kits are not built with the specific fomite ‘s dynamics in mind. With excessively much braking power on the movement, rear grip is compromised. And vice-versa. Brake grip is better when all four tires are doing the work. Most BMWs have 50-50 system of weights distribution so the correct brake proportion is crucial ! StopTech engineers each kit around that vehicle ‘s dynamics by altering the size and number of pistons in the caliper to match the rotor size used in the kit. Bigger is not constantly better … Brake FAQs Brake Pad Buying Guide

Brake Rotor Buying Guide

Wheel Fitment Guides: Wheel spoke-to-brake caliper headroom is critical since the new caliper is physically larger and the in a different stead. StopTech has produced these cutaway diagram for you to print and place on the rear of your wheel to check for clearance. Wheels that do not clear will need a bicycle spacer. The minimal recommended clearance between the wheel and caliper is 3mm.

StopTech E46 M3 Brake Kit Applications:
2006 E46  M3 w/Competition Pkg

We will meet or beat any advertised price for StopTech Big Brake Kits ! call or e-mail us with the published pricing that you found and we will do our best to not entirely match that price but actually beat it !

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