Rubber Headlight Housing Cap – Various Sizes

Product Description

Seal It Up: Did a retrofit leave the back side of your housings a bit open to the elements? These rubber housing caps may be the perfect solution to re-seal your headlamp assemblies and keep water and debris out.

Sizing: Available in a wide variety of different diameters and styles to fit the most common and uncommon headlight flanges. Note that the measurements made are the internal diameter without the cap being stretched. Not sure what size? Check out our universal stepped caps.


To Measure: Measure the outer diameter of your headlight’s rear flange and select from the size menu above. If you’re over or under (+/-) by 3mm, we recommend going for the next size up and using a large zip tie to secure them.

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Durable: Made of durable black rubber, they wont harden or crack over time through from hot and cold temperature changes. Ribbed inner ridge works to keep them fit snugly to the backside of the housing.

Trusted: For over a decade, HID Kit Pros in Bellevue, Washington has been providing customers with the best quality automotive lighting and accessories while backing it up with unbeatable customer service. Every employee at HKP has been trained on our wide selection of products to help suit each and every customers needs. Local? Stop by our showroom and installation center, test out our products in person with our state of the art testing equipment. Have a question? Contact us.

What’s Included

  • Parts: Rubber Housing Cap – Sold Individually
  • Warranty: One Year

Additional Information

Weight 0.30 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in
Cap Size:

70mm Flat, 75mm Dome, 80mm Extension, 80mm Cylinder, 83mm Dome, 90mm Cylinder, 93mm Dome, 100mm Dome, 55mm Extension, 70mm Cylinder, 75mm Stepped


Ships Same Day

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1 Year