GoWesty Bigger Brakes

GoWesty Bigger Brakes
After selling the south african VW “ bad brakes ” for many years, and then the Audi based “ Generation II ” system that was available after the SA parts dried up—and dealing with endless guarantee and supply issues with both systems—we decided that adequate was enough ! We rolled up our sleeves, put on our mechanical-engineering hats, and solved the trouble once and for all. They are properly engineered from the grate astir, no corners cut. We feel the GoWesty ‘Bigger Brake ‘ system is merely the best front disc-brake system on the market for the Vanagon. Choose from 2WD or 4WD .
Features at a glance:
• Improved stopping might
• Greatly decreased brake slice
• Improved pedal point feel
• Better performance, better long-run handiness, and better value
Kit includes:
• ( 2 ) Single piston calipers and custom-designed carriers
• ( 2 ) Vented rotors ( 284mm )
• ( 2 ) Stainless steel braided brake hoses
• ( 1 ) Semi-metallic brake pad set ( Bosch BP884 )
• ( 1 ) installation hardware
This brake system requires additional parts for use on certain Vanagon models.

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If you drive a 2WD Vanagon —and you do not presently have a big brake system installed—you ‘ll besides need our Hub Conversion Kit.

2WD vehicles require ten ( 10 ) lug nuts ( as opposed to the lug bolts you presently use ). You can find nuts here —and in the refer items section below.

1980-85 vehicles necessitate spindles and caliper bolts from a 1986-91 Vanagon to fit this brake kit out. [ Part numbers : 251-407-311AH/AQ, 251-407-312AH/AQ ]

Performance: This GoWesty system is a major upgrade to your stock set-up, specially in terms of our massive  rotors. This component of the front brake organization is by far the most important in terms of operation. The rotor is what absorb and dissipates energy ( heat ) when a large, grave vehicle slows down. These rotors offer an extra 3mm of thickness and an extra pound of steel over what the competition offers—and they ‘re over 5 pounds heavier than stock—and this is very, very significant. As a share, our rotors offer 45 % more thermal mass than a malcolm stock rotor ! now that ‘s massive ! This means no more heave, brake fade, or vibration. Your vehicle simply STOPS.

Long-term availability:  This is credibly the most important component of this endeavor. We set out to create not only the best direct-fit system on the market, but one with long-run handiness of components. Over the past ten, we have offered several bracken systems that were cobbled together by other companies. These “ kits ” largely worked well, but handiness was routinely patched. successor parts were hard to obtain, and we much found ourselves out of breed on critical components several times per year. We finally decided to take on the tax of developing our own in-house kit to relieve ourselves and our customers of the supply chain headaches once and for all .
Unlike the Audi-based alternate ( among respective others ), this kit does not rely on another production fomite to keep this arrangement ’ second components in stock. We went heterosexual to one of the largest OEM manufacturers for these components and had them made specifically for us. Starting with their most common and authentic single-piston caliper pull, we developed the biggest and most robust package that could be shoe-horned onto the Vanagon chopine. Every component in this kit ( with the exception of the brake pads ) is batch produced piece-by-piece for GoWesty. This ensures that substitution parts can constantly be manufactured at the moo volume levels that a little party like ours requires.

Value: This is the most low-cost front brake upgrade on the grocery store, but—even more importantly—it is besides the best in the business in terms of performance, which makes it an exceptionally dear value. To add a far grade of completeness to this kit, we besides include our custom-made stainless steel steel brake lines to in full dress out your upgrade brake system.

Bigger Brakes Installation Instructions

• This system requires the function of a 15 ” or larger diameter wheel. Check out the Wheel Fitment yellow journalism for more information. This kit will NOT work with german Mefro brand 15 ” steel wheels, european OEM Syncro-16 steel wheels, Rhein wheels, and some early non-VW wheels .
• Is NOT compatible with the Euro-market Syncro 16 model Vanagon ( s ).

• Due to the enormity of this system, clearance on 15 ” alloys can be tight. In some cases, home stick-on wheel weights may cause noise. If that is the font, external drop weights can be used .
• There is a little interference between the caliper and the scatter shield. You can do one of three things : 1 ) Trim the edge of the scatter harbor slenderly, 2 ) remove the scatter harbor, or 3 ) install our raw stainless steel dust shields 2WD or 4WD that are shaped to accommodate these calipers .
• If you drive a 2WD Vanagon—and you do not presently have a big brake system installed—you ‘ll besides need our Hub Conversion Kit.

• 2WD vehicles require ten ( 10 ) lugsail nuts ( as opposed to the lugsail bolts you presently use ). You can find nuts here —and in the associate items segment below.

• 1980-85 vehicles require spindles and caliper bolts from a 1986-91 Vanagon to fit this brake kit out. [ Part numbers : 251-407-311AH/AQ, 251-407-312AH/AQ ]

If you have concerns about whether or not this kit will fit with your especial wheels, we have a identical handy template that you can print, attach to some cardboard, and use to check if this Bigger Brake system will work with your specific wheels .
If you already own our GoWesty designed bigger brakes, make sure that you print the right template ( Rev. 1 or Rev. 2 ) for your brakes. Refer to the painting below to identify which revision you own. Our revision 2 calipers allow for more clearance and will fit more wheel types. If you are purchasing a modern kit from our web site, you will be receiving Rev. 2 calipers and should only use the Rev. 2 template .
GoWesty Bigger Brakes
GoWesty Bigger Brakes
Performing brake work is inherently dangerous. This brake system should only be installed by a competent automobile mechanic. failure to install this merchandise correctly could result in serious injury or death .

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